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        QTL mapping of root and leaf traits associated with drought tolerance in a canola (Brassica napus l.) doubled haploid population [1]
        Qualification of silicon photomultipliers and readout boards for use in protoDUNE photon detectors [1]
        Qualitative analysis of choosing and experiencing the Infantry as an occupation, A [1]
        Qualitative study of disease adjustment: inflammatory bowel disease post-traumatic growth, A [1]
        Quality and price impacts on U.S. demand for lamb imports [1]
        Quantification of hydraulic effects from transverse instream structures in channel bends [1]
        Quantification of nutrient loads in urban stormwater across Colorado municipal areas [1]
        Quantification of performance, damage, and risk to light wood frame buildings subjected to tornadoes and expansive soils [1]
        Quantification of shear stress in a meandering native topographic channel using a physical hydraulic model [1]
        Quantifying and utilizing urban forest residues within Fort Collins, Loveland, and Greeley, Colorado for 2008 [1]
        Quantifying biomarkers in wildlife exposed to low doses of environmental radiation pilot study [1]
        Quantifying commuter exposures to volatile organic compounds [1]
        Quantifying deep convective influence on the tropical tropopause layer (TTL) [1]
        Quantifying function in the zebrafish embryonic heart: a study on the role of timed mechanical cues [1]
        Quantifying groundwater recharge beneath furrow irrigated corn using lysimetry, an unsaturated zone water balance and numerical modeling [1]
        Quantifying sustainability metrics for trunkline bridges in the Mountain Plains region [1]
        Quantifying the "aging response" and nutrient composition for muscles of the beef round [1]
        Quantifying the economic health cost of exposure to wildfire smoke: four essays in non-market valuation, methodological comparisons, and econometric methods to address endogeneity [1]
        Quantifying the effects of pediatric obesity on musculoskeletal function and biomechanical loading during walking [1]
        Quantifying the limits of convective parameterizations: a statistical characterization of simulated cumulus convection [1]