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        P300 classification using deep belief nets [1]
        P300 wave detection using Emotiv EPOC+ headset: effects of matrix size, flash duration, and colors [1]
        Packaging human expresschön: the intersection of visual communication, art, and music [1]
        Pain evaluation and mitigation in the bovine [1]
        Painted animals [1]
        Painted pots: the relationship of forms through surface, textural and color interaction [1]
        Painting: a transitional process [1]
        Paintings that evoke mystery [1]
        Paintings to be looked at: an effort to unify concept, form, and process [1]
        Paleo-feedbacks in the hydrological and energy cycles in the Community Climate System Model 3 [1]
        Paleo-fluid migration and diagenesis in the Pennsylvanian-Permian Fountain Formation [1]
        Paleohydrologic investigation in the vicinity of Harpers Ferry, West Virginia, A [1]
        Paleozoic facies architecture in low-inclined mixed carbonate-siliciclastic sedimentary systems: depositional and tectonic signatures [1]
        Panoramic space and landscape [1]
        Papel de la etnicidad en la sociedad yucateca: una continuación del colonialismo interno en el sur de México, El [1]
        Parallel alienation of students from low-socioeconomic backgrounds and new teachers in the U.S. public school system, The [1]
        Parallel hydraulic pressure assist/work circuit hybrids for automated side loader refuse vehicles [1]
        Parameter estimation from compressed and sparse measurements [1]
        Parameter inference and model selection for differential equation models [1]
        Parameterized and multi-level tiled loop generation [1]