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        D-neighborhood complex of a graph, The [1]
        Dairy cow management and welfare : practices on dairy operations in the United States that may impact dairy cow welfare, lameness, and beef quality assurance [1]
        Dairy cow management systems : handling, health, and well-being [1]
        Dairy cow mortality [1]
        Dairy farm phosphorus recovery and re-use to reduce water quality risk and improve phosphorus cycling in agriculture [1]
        Dairy management decisions utilizing available evidence and information [1]
        Dam overtopping and flood routing with the TREX watershed model [1]
        Damage analysis and mitigation for wood-frame structures subjected to tornado loading [1]
        Damping mechanisms in magnetic recording materials & microwave-assisted magnetization reversal [1]
        Dancing in/out/around/about the closet : narrating autoethnographic agency from [a] marginalized voice [1]
        Dancing the Two Step : a phenomenological qualitative study on stroke survivors' experiences using an augmented reality system [1]
        Danger signs in romantic relationships : the role of mindfulness [1]
        Dangerous message : the material effects of Enough, A [1]
        Dangerous politics? : an analysis of the relationship between political affiliation and assaults on police officers in American counties [1]
        Dark Matter annihilation cross-section limits of dwarf spheroidal galaxies with the High Altitude Water Cherenkov (HAWC) gamma-ray observatory and on the design of a water Cherenkov detector prototype [1]
        Data analysis and predictive modeling for synthetic and naturally occurring biological switches [1]
        Data mining and spatiotemporal analysis of modern mobile data [1]
        Data-driven approach for maximizing available wind energy through a dedicated pricing mechanism for charging residential plug-in electric vehicles, A [1]
        David Hume's theory of justice : an examination of the possibility of an instinctual concept of property and natural virtue of justice [1]
        Davidson and the idiolectic view [1]