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        Race, sexual orientation, and childbirth: locating identity in the framework of social support [1]
        Racialization, femininity, motherhood and the Iron Throne: Game of Thrones as a high fantasy rejection of women of color [1]
        Ractopamine withdrawal, depletion, and residue testing in beef cattle [1]
        Radar and lightning analyses of gigantic jet-producing storms [1]
        Radar and satellite observations of precipitation: space time variability, cross-validation, and fusion [1]
        Radar multi-sensor (RAMS) quantitative precipitation estimation (QPE) [1]
        Radiation dose to veterinarians and veterinary technicians during performance of radioiodine treatment of Felis catus [1]
        Radiation doses around the Fukushima Dai-Ichi Nuclear Power Plant: measurements and novel methods of analysis [1]
        Radiative and hydrologic effects of a local switch from maize to Miscanthus, The [1]
        Radical enhancement as a moral status de-enhancer [1]
        Radiocesium dynamics in irrigation ponds in Okuma, Japan [1]
        Radiocesium fate and transport in the soil-water environment in the proximity of the Fukushima Dai-Ichi Nuclear Power Plant [1]
        Radiocesium soil to understory plant transfers in Fukushima forests [1]
        Radiofrequency heating of nanoclusters and nanoparticles for enzyme activation [1]
        Raising critical consciousness in adolescents: an evaluation of the FAIR curriculum [1]
        Raman studies in NH₄H₂PO₄ and KH₂PO₄ [1]
        Ranchers' readiness to adopt GPS-based mobile application technology to brand and identify cattle [1]
        Ranciere's distribution of the sensible in Jacob's Room [1]
        Random generation of valid object configurations for testing object-oriented programs [1]
        Random regression models and their impact in the genetic evaluation of binary fertility traits in beef cattle [1]