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        Abundance of ACC deaminase-positive bacteria and their interaction with winter wheat in a Colorado soil, The [1]
        Active sensing: an innovative tool for evaluating grain yield and nitrogen use efficiency of multiple wheat genotypes [1]
        Adaptability of oilseed species at high altitudes of Colorado and technology transfer to Afghanistan [1]
        Adsorption, leaching, and dissipation of pyroxasulfone and two chloroacetamide herbicides [1]
        Agronomic factors affecting dryland grain sorghum maturity and production in northeast Colorado [1]
        Agronomic responses of grass and alfalfa hayfields to no and partial season irrigation as part of a Western Slope Water Bank [1]
        Alfalfa reference crop evapotranspiration in Colorado and its use for irrigation scheduling [1]
        Amendment effects on soil physical properties and restoration of decommissioned forest roads [1]
        Analysis of land use change and greenhouse gas emissions in Kalasin Province, Thailand [1]
        Annual cool-season forage systems for fall grazing by cattle [1]
        Association mapping for yield, yield components and drought tolerance-related traits in spring wheat grown under rainfed and irrigated conditions [1]
        Azolla biofertilizer growth and utilization for vegetable production [1]
        Bi-parental mapping and genome-wide association studies for grain quality traits in winter wheat under contrasting soil moisture conditions [1]
        Biochar effects on soil microbial communities and resistance of enzymes to stress [1]
        Camelina variety performance for yield, yield components and oil characteristics [1]
        Characterization and molecular mapping of stripe rust resistance in a Denali/Hatcher winter wheat doubled haploid population [1]
        Characterizing nitrogen deficiency of maize at early growth stages using fluorescence measurements [1]
        Comprehensive microbiome analysis of wheat and its wild relatives, A [1]
        Constraints and capabilities of no-till dryland agroecosystems for bioenergy production [1]
        Crop residue: a hero's journey from biomass to soil carbon in eastern Colorado dryland crop rotation systems [1]