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        Analysis of Burkholderia pseudomallei virulence and efficacy of potential therapeutics, The [1]
        Analysis of virus-derived small RNAs reveals that the RNA silencing response to flavivirus infection differs dramatically between C6/36 and Aag2 mosquito cell lines [1]
        Applications of feline immunodeficiency virus as a model to study HIV pathogenesis [1]
        Assessment of anopheles vectorial capacity metrics and malaria transmission factors within the Rimdamal II Study [1]
        Assessment of mosquito and animal model factors in Aedes-borne arbovirus transmission and disease [1]
        Avian influenza A virus transmission and the emergence of drug resistance [1]
        Bacillary response to chemotherapy in preclinical animal models used to evaluate TB drugs, The [1]
        Bats as reservoir hosts: exploring novel viruses in New World bats [1]
        Binding of MBNL1 to CUG repeats slows 5'-to-3' RNA decay by XRN2 in a cell culture model of type I myotonic dystrophy [1]
        Biofilm dynamics and the response to N-oxides in Burkholderia pseudomallei [1]
        Bioinformatic identification and characterization of cytokinetic regulators in Mtb [1]
        Biologic and biochemical features of prion pathogenesis [1]
        C3HeB/FeJ mice as a novel preclinical mouse model for Mycobacterium tuberculosis, The: an analysis of the host pathogenesis and the in vivo environment of the necrotic granuloma [1]
        Cationic liposome-DNA complex-based immunotherapeutic and immunization strategies for control of la Crosse virus and Leishmania major infections [1]
        CD4+ T-cell derived IL-10 mitigates malarial anemia [1]
        Changes in autoreactive B cell lifestyle early in development of autoimmunity [1]
        Characterization and quantification of urinary metabolic biomarkers for early response to anti-tuberculosis treatment [1]
        Characterization of big brown bat (Eptesicus fuscus) rabies virus in a mouse model [1]
        Characterization of Brucella infection in ruminant hosts: disease pathogenesis, immunology, and epidemiology [1]
        Characterization of changes in metabolic pathways during dengue virus serotype 2 infection of the Aedes aegypti mosquito vector to identify control points for interrupting virus transmission [1]