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        Gale duality, decoupling, parameter homotopies, and monodromy [1]
        General model-based decomposition framework for polarimetric SAR images [1]
        Generalizations of persistent homology [1]
        Generic support vector machines and Radon's theorem [1]
        Geometric data analysis approach to dimension reduction in machine learning and data mining in medical and biological sensing, A [1]
        Grassmann, Flag, and Schubert varieties in applications [1]
        Group action on neighborhood complexes of Cayley graphs [1]
        Group extensions problem and its resolution in cohomology for the case of an elementary abelian normal sub-group, The [1]
        Group of the Mondello BLT-sets, The [1]
        HIV-1 Gag trafficking and assembly: mathematical models and numerical simulations [1]
        Homotopy continuation methods, intrinsic localized modes, and cooperative robotic workspaces [1]
        Hopf bifurcation in anisotropic reaction diffusion systems posed in large rectangles [1]
        Hyperovals, Laguerre planes and hemisystems - an approach via symmetry [1]
        Implicit method for water wave problems, An [1]
        Improved stick number upper bounds [1]
        Integrated mathematics/science activity for secondary students: development, implementation, and student feedback, An [1]
        Intersections of ψ classes on Hassett spaces of rational curves [1]
        Investigation of the Novikov-Veselov equation: new solutions, stability and implications for the inverse scattering transform, An [1]
        Joint shape and motion estimation from echo-based sensor data [1]
        k-simplex volume optimizing projection algorithms for high-dimensional data sets [1]