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        Facilitating solutions to conservation management challenges through an understanding of human perceptions of nature and wildlife [1]
        Factors predicting acceptability of toxicant usage to control feral swine [1]
        Factors predicting feral swine management preferences and willingness to pay [1]
        Formal education and traditional ecological knowledge transmission in Samburu, Kenya: research and revitalization [1]
        Framing human-wildlife conflict in the intermountain West: content analysis of daily newspapers to diverse audiences [1]
        Governing complexity: polycentricity and customary property rights in the commons [1]
        Guiding model for decolonizing environmental science research and restoring relational accountability with Indigenous communities, A [1]
        Human dimensions of lead in the environment from ammunition and fishing tackle [1]
        Human responses to simulated motorized noise in national parks [1]
        Hunters' response to chronic wasting disease in four states [1]
        I see what you mean: visual and participatory climate change communication [1]
        Influencing Leave No Trace behavioral intentions in frontcountry visitors to national and state parks [1]
        Informing the design and governance of a pro-poor payment for ecosystem services program in Western Panama [1]
        Integrating information on wildlife values and barriers to participation in natural-based programs to improve agency efforts for connecting families to nature [1]
        Integrative complexity and attitudes toward prescribed fire in northern Colorado and southern Wyoming [1]
        Investing in tomorrow's natural resource stewards: how understanding target audiences can improve efforts to reconnect youth with nature [1]
        Is citizen science worth it? Economic decision making of natural resource managers [1]
        It takes a village to support the National Park Service [1]
        Measuring an emotional connection to nature among children [1]
        Message frames and wildlife values influence public acceptance of wild horse management strategies [1]