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        Accelerometer measurements of physical activity in pregnant adolescents [1]
        Adverse childhood experiences and allostatic load in adolescence and emerging adulthood [1]
        Adverse childhood experiences, stress, and emotional availability: an American Indian context [1]
        Alzheimer's disease and family caregiving: loss of the family caregiver role [1]
        Assessment of physical health, physical performance, and physical activity in exercise promotion intervention for older adults [1]
        Association between autism symptom severity and parental marital satisfaction, The [1]
        Association between father involvement and sexual risk behaviors among Black and White adolescent girls, The [1]
        Association between fathers' parental mindfulness and adolescent behavioral development and academic grades [1]
        Association between observed mentor-mentee relationship quality and self-reported mentee and parent-reported externalizing behavior, The [1]
        Association between parental marijuana use and mother-child interactions, The [1]
        Associations among mindfulness, self-compassion, and bullying in early adolescence [1]
        Authenticity and coping behaviors in adolescents [1]
        Autonomic nervous system coordination moderates links of interparental conflict with adolescent externalizing behaviors [1]
        Awareness of age-related change (AARC): measurement, conceptual status, and role for promoting successful aging [1]
        Becoming fathers: feasibility, acceptability, and exploratory efficacy of a group intervention [1]
        Becoming relationally effective: high-risk boys in animal-assisted therapy [1]
        Bi-directional association between Spanish-speaking preschoolers' English oral proficiency and student-teacher relationship qualities, The [1]
        Conflict appraisals as a mediator of the association between marital conflict and rumination in adolescents [1]
        Couple interactions in daytime dramas series [1]
        Cultural differences in shame and guilt between American and Chinese preschoolers [1]