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        Re-removal of the stone of folly: analysis of Pizarnik's drawings [1]
        Relationship between metalinguistic knowledge/learning contexts and language proficiency, The [1]
        Research on lexical aspect and the comparison of the lexical aspect in Spanish and Chinese, A [1]
        Role of ethnicity in Yucatecan society: a continuation of internal colonialism in the south of Mexico, The [1]
        Second/foreign language writing apprehension and writing identities [1]
        Sexualidad femenina en términos de oppressión y liberación por medio del sexo, La [1]
        Spanish theatre from the golden age and its thematical influences in The devils slave by Antonio Mira de Amescua [1]
        Stories from the Kronen: analysis of the differences in the plot between the novel and the film adaptation, and its impact in the reception. [1]
        Street art and the democratization of art in Berlin [1]
        Street art und die demokratisierung der Kunst in Berlin [1]
        Teatro de los siglos de oro y sus influencias temáticas en El esclavo del demonio de Antonio Mira de Amescua, El [1]
        Towards an emancipating poetic: the creation of the new future in the poetry of Pablo Neruda, César Vallejo and Miguel Hernández [1]
        Una investigación sobre el aspecto léxico y la comparación de su aplicación en el idioma Español y Chino [1]
        Voseo in communication media, cinema and literature in Guatemala, The [1]
        Voseo in los medios de comunicacion, el cine y la literatura de Guatemala, El [1]
        Woman as a subaltern subject in four transatlantic novels during times of war: The Time In Between, The Sleeping Voice, Tear This Heart Out, Like Water For Chocolate [1]
        World's garbage: social change, dystopia and consumption in the futuristic novels Waslala and Zombie, The [1]