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        Addressing the religious free-rider problem via religious consumption signaling and religious capital accumulation [1]
        Bitcoin price formation: an empirical investigation [1]
        Brain drain and reverse brain drain: individual decision making and implications for economic growth [1]
        Broken promise of mobility, The: higher education's funding impact on poverty and college debt [1]
        Closing the growth gap: regional entrepreneurship growth in different regions of Vietnam [1]
        County-level analysis of residential solar adoption in the United States, A [1]
        Creative destruction of the "winner-take-all" society, The? Property rights and the economics of the long tail in the music industry [1]
        Determinants of small business lending [1]
        Determining the financial performance of private veterinary practices [1]
        Does trade cause growth across trading blocs? [1]
        Economic benefits of bird control in U.S. cherry production, The [1]
        Economic consequences of health shocks, The [1]
        Economic efficiency of US 2007 heavy-duty diesel emission standards: a lifecycle-based approach [1]
        Economic essays on wildlife-aircraft conflict in the United States [1]
        Economic impact of Massachusetts healthcare reform on employment, The [1]
        Effect of human capital on total factor productivity growth in the Arab Gulf Cooperation Council countries, The [1]
        Effect of information on household water and energy use, The [1]
        Effects of undocumented immigration on the employment opportunities of low skill natives in the United States, The [1]
        Entrepreneurship by gender: characteristics, financing, and growth [1]
        Entrepreneurship, information, and economic growth [1]