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        Sanctions: protectionism, environment, and macro-level impacts [1]
        School choice impacts within a local school district [1]
        State correctional spending and the private prison industry [1]
        Three applications of regional CGE models [1]
        Three essays in regional growth, distribution, and resilience [1]
        Three essays on connections between personal life and economic outcomes [1]
        Three essays on different nature and effects of capital flows among Asian and Latin American countries [1]
        Three essays on disease, development, and intervention [1]
        Three essays on energy and economic growth [1]
        Three essays on financial integration and trade liberalization [1]
        Three essays on gender inequality, dynamic bargaining, and technology adoption in subsistence agriculture [1]
        Three essays on global imbalances [1]
        Three essays on health and labor outcomes [1]
        Three essays on heterogeneous capabilities, poverty trap thresholds, and the persistence of inequality [1]
        Three essays on invasive species management and risk [1]
        Two essays on regional labor markets for the Denver area [1]
        Use of conditional convergence between economies to estimate steady state incomes within economies, The [1]
        Using a computable general equilibrium model to explore economic impacts of agglomeration economies on wages in northern Colorado [1]
        Were Turkey's 1994 and 2001 twin crises predictable?: the signal approach [1]
        What factors affect school attendance?: quantitative and qualitative study of evidence from Nepal [1]