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        "Hybrid hero" in western dime novels, The: an analysis of women's gender performance, dress, and identity in the Deadwood Dick series [1]
        Alan Fletcher commenting on White Tigers firefighter prototype uniform design [1]
        Alan Fletcher commenting on winning firefighter prototype uniform design [1]
        Alan Fletcher commenting on winning firefighter uniform design [1]
        Alan Fletcher talking about Team Vigilante's prototype firefighter uniform project catalog [1]
        Alan Fletcher talking before award ceremony on May 11, 2016 [1]
        Analysis of body armor fit and comfort using 3D body scanning: a case study with an industry partner [1]
        Anthropometric fit evaluation of structural firefighters' protective pants: a gender comparison study [1]
        Associate Professor Juyeon Park talking to students about their presentations [1]
        Bacterial culture components activating colorimetric transition in polydiacetylene nanofiber composites [1]
        Beautiful connections: Maridadi Fabrics, Jack Lenor Larsen, and the East African Kanga [1]
        Behaviorally annotated plans: beyond the presentation technique [1]
        Body and the senses in spatial experience: the implications of kinesthetic and synesthetic perceptions for design thinking [1]
        Challenges and solutions of sustainable apparel product development: a case study of Eileen Fisher [1]
        Collaborative product development: examining the development of a nursing sports bra [1]
        Colorfastness properties of persimmon dye on cotton and wool substrates [1]
        Comparative evaluation of antimicrobial properties and durability to laundering of selected antimicrobial agents on a hospital textile [1]
        Constructing and presenting the self through private sphere dress: an interpretive analysis of the experiences of Saudi Arabian women [1]
        Consumer acculturation and reacculturation experience: Taiwanese returnees' negotiation of roles and identity through dress [1]
        Custom Paralympic shooting jacket: a single-case product development project [1]