• Accurate prediction of protein function using GOstruct 

        Author(s):Sokolov, Artem
        Date Issued:2011
        Format:born digital; doctoral dissertations
        With the growing number of sequenced genomes, automatic prediction of protein function is one of the central problems in computational biology. Traditional methods employ transfer of functional annotation on the basis of ...
      • Automated deep learning architecture design using differentiable architecture search (DARTS) 

        Author(s):Sharma, Kartikay
        Date Issued:2019
        Format:born digital; masters theses
        Creating neural networks by hand is a slow trial-and-error based process. Designing new architectures similar to GoogleNet or FractalNets, which use repeated tree-based structures, is highly likely to be inefficient and ...
      • Machine learning models applied to storm nowcasting 

        Author(s):Cuomo, Joaquin M.
        Date Issued:2020
        Format:born digital; masters theses
        Weather nowcasting is heavily dependent on the observation and estimation of radar echoes. There are many different types of deployed nowcasting systems, but none of them based on machine learning, even though it has been ...
      • Protein interface prediction using graph convolutional networks 

        Author(s):Fout, Alex M.
        Date Issued:2017
        Format:born digital; masters theses
        Proteins play a critical role in processes both within and between cells, through their interactions with each other and other molecules. Proteins interact via an interface forming a protein complex, which is difficult, ...
      • Testing scientific software: techniques for automatic detection of metamorphic relations 

        Author(s):Kanewala, Upulee G.
        Date Issued:2015
        Format:born digital; doctoral dissertations
        Scientific software plays an important role in critical decision making in fields such as the nuclear industry, medicine, and the military. Systematic testing of such software can help to ensure that it works as expected. ...
      • Leveraging expression and network data for protein function prediction 

        Author(s):Graim, Kiley
        Date Issued:2012
        Format:born digital; masters theses
        Protein function prediction is one of the prominent problems in bioinformatics today. Protein annotation is slowly falling behind as more and more genomes are being sequenced. Experimental methods are expensive and time ...
      • Large-scale automated protein function prediction 

        Author(s):Kahanda, Indika
        Date Issued:2016
        Format:born digital; doctoral dissertations
        Proteins are the workhorses of life, and identifying their functions is a very important biological problem. The function of a protein can be loosely defined as everything it performs or happens to it. The Gene Ontology ...
      • Unsupervised binary code learning for approximate nearest neighbor search in large-scale datasets 

        Author(s):Zhang, Hao
        Date Issued:2016
        Format:born digital; doctoral dissertations
        Nearest neighbor search is an important operation whose goal is to find items in the dataset that are similar to a given query. It has a number of applications such as content based image retrieval (CBIR), near duplicate ...