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        Access to UV photocured nanostructures via selective morphological trapping of block copolymer melts [1]
        Advancing point-of-need bacteria detection using microfluidic paper-based analytical devices [1]
        Affinity maturation and characterization of novel binders to the HIV-1 TAR element based on the U1A RNA recognition motif [1]
        Air quality implications from oxidation of anthropogenic and biogenic precursors in the troposphere [1]
        Allostery of the flavivirus NS3 helicase and bacterial IGPS studied with molecular dynamics simulations [1]
        Analytical spectroscopy method development to study mechanisms of Alzheimer's and tuberculosis diseases [1]
        Application of metallacycles for the synthesis of small molecules [1]
        Application of new methodology to complex molecule synthesis: studies toward the synthesis of pordamacrine A and liphagal, The [1]
        Applications of inorganic nanoparticles in biological electron microscopy [1]
        Applications of superatom theory in metal cluster chemistry [1]
        Approaches towards the synthesis of saxitoxin alkaloids [1]
        Atmospheric processing of chemical compounds and direct measurements of particle loss by dry and wet deposition [1]
        Biogenic nanoparticles and their application in biological electron microscopy [1]
        Carbon-based electrodes for environmental health applications [1]
        Catalytic strategies for enhancing electrochemical oxidation of 1,4-dioxane: TiO2 dark activation and microbial stimulation [1]
        Catalytically generated acyl triazoliums as versatile acylating reagents and progress toward the total synthesis of okilactomycin [1]
        Chained sweet: nanoconfinement of carbohydrates [1]
        Changing dogma regarding the conformation of electron transferring menaquinone (MK) [1]
        Characterization and growth of branched silicon nanowires grown via a simultaneous vapor-liquid-solid and vapor-solid-solid mechanism [1]
        Chloro-, aryl-, and perfluoroalkylfullerenes [1]