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        Mathematical and experimental studies in cellular decision making [1]
        Meniscal root tears and repairs [1]
        Mesenchymal stem cell rescue for bone formation following stereotactic radiotherapy of osteosarcoma [1]
        Microfluidic culture of human hepatocytes and endothelial cells with applications in drug toxicity screening [1]
        Modeling effects of microvilli on somatic signal propagation [1]
        Multifunctional nanowire scaffolds for neural tissue engineering applications [1]
        New Frank-Starling based contractility and ventricular stiffness indices: clinically applicable alternative to Emax [1]
        Orthogonal pair-directed codon reassignment as a tool for evaluating the factors affecting translation in E. coli [1]
        P300 wave detection using Emotiv EPOC+ headset: effects of matrix size, flash duration, and colors [1]
        Phosphatidylserine and antibiotic coatings for allograft bone [1]
        Quantifying function in the zebrafish embryonic heart: a study on the role of timed mechanical cues [1]
        Quantifying the effects of pediatric obesity on musculoskeletal function and biomechanical loading during walking [1]
        Spinal cord and meningeal mechanics: viscoelastic characterization and computational modeling [1]
        The active complex electrode (ACE1) electrical impedance tomography system & anatomically inspired modeling of electrode-skin contact impedance [1]
        The effect of repetition on force platform metrics during the bilateral bodyweight squat [1]
        Tissue electrophoresis for generation of porcine acellular dermal matrices [1]