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        About Papilio (New Series) [1]
        Accessions catalog : Colorado Agricultural College [1]
        Accessions catalogue : Colorado Agricultural College [1]
        Accessions catalogue : Colorado State University [1]
        Argynnis (Speyeria) nokomis nokomis : geographic variation, metapopulations, and the origin of spurious specimens (Nymphalidae) [1]
        Atlas of western USA butterflies : including adjacent parts of Canada and Mexico [1]
        Biological catalogue of North American butterflies [1]
        Biology and systematics of Phyciodes (Phyciodes) [1]
        Building the California Academy Drawer to house pinned entomological specimens [1]
        Butterflies of Kern and Tulare Counties, California [1]
        Butterflies of southern California in 2018 : updating Emmel and Emmel's 1973 Butterflies of southern California [1]
        Butterfly distribution and dispersion across the Montane Islands and drainages of the Chihuahuan Desert [1]
        Butterfly hostplant records, 1992-2005, with a treatise on the evolution of Erynnis, and a note on new terminology for mate-locating behavior [1]
        Butterfly research in Boulder County, Colorado 2004-2007 [1]
        Checkered Beetle Genus Trichodes Herbst (Coleoptera: Cleridae) : a pictorial key to North American taxa with notes on Colorado species, The [1]
        Contributions to the knowledge of southern West Virginia Lepidoptera [1]
        Corrections/reviews of 58 North American butterfly books [1]
        Courtship of Phyciodes, and the relationship between Phyciodes tharos tharos and Phyciodes tharos morpheus (=pascoensis) in Colorado, The [1]
        Distribution of "Oecophoridae" (sense of Hodges 1983) of Western North America [1]
        Distribution of Arctiidae of Western North America. Part 1. Text, maps, and references [1]