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        Abiotic and biotic factors influencing western United States coniferous forests [1]
        Advances in tortricid systematics and identification (Lepidoptera: Tortricidae) [1]
        Alternative landfill soil/vegetation covers at Rocky Mountain Arsenal: could difference in plant roots between covers contribute to differences in cover function? [1]
        Aspects of weed resistance to auxinic herbicides [1]
        Aspen mortality in the Colorado and southern Wyoming Rocky Mountains: extent, severity, and causal factors [1]
        Bee diversity and abundance under a grazed cover cropping management system in eastern Colorado and southwestern Nebraska and evaluating the role of beekeeping education and management on honey bee hive overwintering success in Colorado [1]
        Beet curly top virus-beet leafhopper dynamics in hemp in Colorado [1]
        Biochemical differentiation and hormonal regulation of the developing testes in Tenebrio molitor [1]
        Biology and management of blackleg disease of potato caused by Dickeya dianthicola (ME23) [1]
        Biology and over-winter survival of Iris yellow spot virus in Colorado [1]
        Biology of Geosmithia morbida and susceptibility of walnut and hickory species to thousand cankers disease, The [1]
        Biomass for thermochemical conversion: targets and challenges [1]
        Characterization of Sorghum bicolor genotypes under varying water regimes [1]
        Cheliceral morphology of Solifugae (Arachnida): primary homology, terminology, and character survey [1]
        Chemical and mechanical defenses vary among maternal lines and leaf ages in Verbascum thapsus L. (Scrophulariaceae) and reduce palatability to a generalist insect [1]
        Chemical control of Cytospora leucostoma, a major limiting factor of peach production in western Colorado [1]
        Combined effects of warming and drying on a temperate-to-boreal forest ecotone exert additive changes on soil microbiome structure and diversity [1]
        Combining quantitative genetics and genomics to identify polymorphisms associated with drought physiology in Arabidopsis and Brassica napus [1]
        Complete harvest, A: the future of rice as bioenergy [1]
        Contributions to the biology of Disholcaspis quercusmamma (Walsh) (Hymenoptera: Cynipidae) [1]