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        1959 hail suppression effort in Colorado, and evidence of its effectiveness, The [1]
        2-D model study of the influence of the surface on mesoscale convection during the Indian monsoon, A [1]
        Absorption of solar radiation by heterogeneous atmospheres: a new approach to Monte Carlo modeling [1]
        Addition of the direct radiative effect of atmospheric aerosols into the Regional Atmospheric Modeling System (RAMS), The [1]
        Aeolian transport and vegetative capture of particulates [1]
        Aerosol characteristics at Macquarie Island, Tasmania, during ACE-1 [1]
        Aerosol in the GATE area and its radiative properties [1]
        Age estimates of stratospheric air [1]
        Air trajectories for studying Denver air pollution [1]
        Altered and enhanced iodargyrite with bismuth triiodide for use in precipitation enhancement operations [1]
        Alternate scale representation of atmospheric energy spectra, An [1]
        Analysis and testing of a winter orographic precipitation model [1]
        Analysis of infrared heating rates in observed cloud layers [1]
        Analysis of satellite-observed tropical cloud clusters [1]
        Analysis of simulated and actual SSM/T-2 brightness temperatures, An [1]
        Analysis of solar radiation data for Fort Collins, Colorado, An [1]
        Analysis of the GATE aircraft pyrgeometer instrumentation, An [1]
        Analysis of two years of Nimbus 6 earth radiation budget observations: July 1975 to June 1977, An [1]
        Anisotropic solar reflectance over white sand, snow, and stratus clouds [1]
        Anisotropy in reflected solar radiation [1]