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        Accounting for spatial substitution patterns and bioeconomic feedback loops: an economic approach to managing inland recreational fisheries [1]
        Accounting for well capacity in the economic decision making of groundwater users [1]
        Agricultural manufacturing location decisions in Colorado: implications for rural economic development policy [1]
        Alternative water resource project for the State of Colorado: The Million - Green River Basin Water Project: a comparative economics study and cost-benefit analysis of the Colorado River and Green River basins, An [1]
        Analysis of Chinese and U.S. soy markets and trade dynamics [1]
        Analysis of housing values and national flood insurance reform under the Biggert-Waters Act of 2012, An [1]
        Analysis of the dairy industry: regional impacts and rational price formation, An [1]
        Analysis of the impact of land tenure on groundwater use and attitudes concerning groundwater conservation in Colorado's Republican River Basin, An [1]
        Analysis of the impact on the stock market of chemical disasters: petrochemical companies in industrial complex in Korea [1]
        Analyzing the U.S. dairy and nondairy milk markets: three essays on consumer demand, product separability, labeling, and welfare [1]
        Assessing the market channel performance of Colorado fruit and vegetable producers [1]
        Assessing the social benefits to stakeholders of place-based forest restoration organizations in Colorado [1]
        Banana marketing performance in Blantyre Agricultural Development Division, Malawi [1]
        Bioeconomic and general equilibrium framework to address fishery management and invasive species, A [1]
        Bird and rodent pest control in select California crops: economic contributions, impacts, and benefits [1]
        Community, individual, and referendum characteristics affecting support for conservation in Colorado [1]
        Comparative profitability of irrigated cropping activities for temporary water transfers [1]
        Corn grower change for climate change: ex-ante economic analysis of adoption of enhanced root traits [1]
        Cost of consumption: an analysis of the heterogeneous impacts of groundwater availability in the High Plains aquifer, The [1]
        Cost-benefit analysis of preventive management for zebra and quagga mussels in the Colorado-Big Thompson System, A [1]