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        California Dams and Canals [1]
        California mountains [1]
        California Water Needs and Availability. California Agricultural Symposium [1]
        Central Arizona Project [1]
        Central Arizona Project : Where We Are Where We Have to Go. Remarks to the Central Arizona Project Associations Board of Directors, The [1]
        Centralized Technical Agency. Speech to the Engineering Club. Brazilia, Brazil [1]
        Changing Reclamation Program. Remarks at the Meeting of the Wyoming Water Development Association, A [1]
        Columbia Basin Project, Yesterday and Tomorrow, The. Remarks at the Saddle Mountain Picnic. Saddle Mountain, Washington [1]
        Comments about development of rules and regulations for implementation of the Reclamation Reform Act of 1982 [1]
        Comments of the San Luis and Delta-Mendota Water Users Association on proposed rules and regulations [1]
        Comments on National Water Policy as Proposed by the White House. Speech for the California Water Resources Association. San Diego, California [1]
        Community and National Impacts of Multipurpose Reclamation Projects. Address to the U.S. National Committee, International Commission on Irrigation and Drainage. Omaha, Nebraska [1]
        Correspondence [1]
        Current Drainage Construction on the Columbia Basin Project is Based on the Past. Speech given to the Seventh Congress ICID. Mexico City [1]
        Current View of the Reclamation Program. Remarks at the Associated General Contractors Bureau Committee Meeting. Denver, Colorado, A [1]
        Drought slides [1]
        Ecology-Environment : Old Hat on the Garrison Diversion Unit. Remarks at the Joint Convention of N.D. Water Users and Water Management District. Bismarck, North Dakota [1]
        Economics of Desalination. Remarks to the Sixty-Third Annual Conference of the County Assessors of California. Yosemite National Park, California, The [1]
        El Vado Dam [1]
        Environmental Extremism : Who Bears the Cost? Remarks at the American Water Works Association Annual Conference. Disneyland, California [1]