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        Achievement of Goals Subsequent to Construction of Water Resources Projects [1]
        Achievement of Goals Subsequent to Construction of Water Resources Projects. Remarks at the ECAFE Conference. Bangkok, Thailand [1]
        Achievement of Goals Through Efficiency in Water Resources Project Management and Use of Water. Regional Conference on Water Resources Development. Bangkok, Thailand [1]
        Acreage Limitation Provisions of Reclamation Law. Remarks to the Committee on Farm Labor. Washington, D.C. [1]
        Address at the dedication of Block I of the Navajo Indian Irrigation Project [1]
        Address at the Fifteenth Conference of Water and Land Supervisors. Monterey, California [1]
        Address to Construction Engineers Conference. Denver, Colorado [1]
        Address to the Oregon Reclamation Congress [1]
        Address to the Twelfth Annual Water Users' Irrigation Conference. Billings, Montana [1]
        Auburn Dam [1]
        Authorization, Then What? Speech to the Garrison Diversion Conservancy District. Carrington, North Dakota [1]
        Broadened Horizons of Water Resource Development. Remarks to the National Federation of Federal Employees. Sacramento, California [1]
        Buffalo Bill Reservoir [1]
        Bureau of Reclamation Foreign Program, Present and Future. Remarks at the Construction Engineer's Conference, USBR. Denver, Colorado [1]
        Bureau of Reclamation International Technical Assistance in Development of Arid Lands. Remarks at the International Conference on Arid Lands in a Changing World. Tucson, Arizona [1]
        Bureau of Reclamation slide presentations for projects across the United States [1]
        California Dams and Canals [1]
        California mountains [1]
        California Water Needs and Availability. California Agricultural Symposium [1]
        Central Arizona Project [1]