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        Technical [1]
        Tennessee Valley Authority reservoirs [1]
        Testimony at Environmental Defense Fund Incorporated versus R. Keith Higginson, Commissioner, Bureau of Reclamation, Denver, Colorado [1]
        Testimony at oversight hearings before House Interior Subcommittee on Water and Power Resources regarding administration of acreage limitation provisions of reclamation law [1]
        Testimony before the Energy Research and Water Resources Subcommittee [1]
        Teton Dam and flood [1]
        Thirty-six years of recreation partnership: remarks at the thirty-sixth anniversary observance of the Lake Mead National Recreation Area, Las Vegas, Nevada [1]
        Treaty information [1]
        Truckee Canal [1]
        Uncompahgre National Forest [1]
        Undersea aqueduct, The: a new concept in transportation: speech for the American Society of Civil Engineers Pipeline Division, transportation meeting, Boston, Massachusetts [1]
        Water and energy resources development: remarks to the panel on energy resources, Rocky Mountain states, Albuquerque, New Mexico [1]
        Water and power: Reclamation's contributions to the economy: remarks to the executive committee of the water resources congress, Denver, Colorado [1]
        Water and the environment: speech at the Eel River Water Council, Lake Berryessa, California [1]
        Water delivery system automation on Canadian river projects, ICID sixth technical conference, Sacramento, California [1]
        Water development and flood control statement [1]
        Water development and utilization in Africa: annual meeting of Federal Bar Association, San Francisco, California [1]
        Water efficiency concepts in a changing world: speech from the Colorado water congress, Denver, Colorado [1]
        Water for energy in the West, the Colorado River Water Users Association [1]
        Water for food and fiber: speech to the Columbia River water congress, Wenatchee, Washington [1]