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        Nambe Falls Dam [1]
        Newlands Project [1]
        Notes [1]
        Notes for comments to the Water Resources Committee, American Association of Land Grant Colleges and State Universities. Kansas City, Missouri [1]
        NWRA Briefing. Dillon, Colorado [1]
        Opening Remarks at the Denver Program Conference. Denver, Colorado [1]
        Opening Remarks at the Meeting with the Arizona Interstate Stream Commission and Members of its Advisory Board [1]
        Opening remarks before the Senate and House Subcommittees on Fiscal Year 1976 [1]
        Organizational Management and Water User Relationships of the Bureau of Reclamation. Remarks at the First Annual Region Two Water Users Conference. Sacramento, California [1]
        Platoro Dam [1]
        Presentation to the Joint Hearings of the California Assembly Committee on Water Three [1]
        Proposals [1]
        Pueblo Reservoir [1]
        Questions and answers for a hearing on the failure of the Teton Dam [1]
        Reclamation : 1973 and the Future. Remarks at the Twenty-Seventh Annual Nevada Water Conference. Carson City, Nevada [1]
        Reclamation and the Energy Crisis. Remarks at the Western Energy Congress. Wenatchee, Washington [1]
        Reclamation and the League Today. Remarks at the Columbia Basin Development League. Pasco, Washington [1]
        Reclamation Overview of the National Water Commission Report. Remarks at the California Water Resource Association. Coronado, California [1]
        Reclamation's Challenge. Remarks at the Reclamation's Water and Land Supervisors Conference [1]
        Reclamation's Expanding Horizons. Remarks to the Oregon Reclamation Congress. Klamath Falls, Oregon [1]