Hamlet J. "Chips" Barry, III (1944-2010) served as the manager of Denver Water, Colorado’s oldest and largest water utility, for nearly twenty years. His papers document his Colorado and international career as a water lawyer and civil servant as well as his personal life. Materials include calendars, speeches, writings, subject files, photographs, videotapes, DVDs, and artifacts. For more information see the finding aid.

This digital collection, with materials dated 1951 to 2010, includes speeches, correspondence, and materials documenting highlights of Barry’s personal and professional life.

Recent Submissions

  • Transcripts and report cards 

    Date:1985; 1951-1968
    Format:documents (object genre)
    Letters, transcripts, and report cards from Chips Barry's schooling at Denver Public Schools, Yale University, and Columbia University.
  • Toast and celebration for Hamlet "Chips" Barry, A 

    Format:visitors' books
    Guest book from Chips Barry memorial service, containing signatures and messages from guests.
  • Wedding 

    Format:documents (object genre)
    Poem and newspaper clippings about marriage of Chips Barry and Gail Nelson.
  • Letters to friends (Micronesia years) 

    Author(s):Barry, Hamlet J., III, 1944-2010; Barry, Gail Nelson
    Format:letters (correspondence)
    Letters written by Chips and Gail Barry to friends, family, and colleagues, primarily about personal matters and Chips' job at the Micronesian Legal Services Corporation.
  • Selective service card 

    Author(s):United States. Selective Service System
    Format:identity cards
    Chips Barry's selective service card.
  • Two Forks, water issues 

    Author(s):Barry, Hamlet J., III, 1944-2010
    Format:documents (object genre)
    Draft and notes for a speech by Chips Barry entitled "Two Forks, Water Issues, and Colorado."
  • Water 2025 

    Author(s):United States. Bureau of Reclamation
    Format:documents (object genre)
    Overview and press releases pertaining to the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation's "Water 2025" conference that took place on June 6, 2003, in Denver. Includes some maps.
  • Pro's and con's of a state water plan/policy 

    Author(s):Barry, Hamlet J., III, 1944-2010; McDonald, J. William
    Format:documents (object genre)
    Transcript of Chips Barry's remarks entitled "Pro's and Con's of a State Water Plan/Policy" delivered to the summer 1988 Colorado Water Congress meeting, Barry's notes, and "A Primer on Colorado's Water Policies" by J. ...
  • Federal Bar Association - Eckstein program 

    Format:documents (object genre)
    Information on a seminar sponsored by the Colorado Chapter of the Federal Bar Association; includes schedule, Chips Barry's presentation outline, and notes.
  • CSU hydrology days 

    Format:documents (object genre)
    Speech by Chips Barry entitled "Hydrology in the Time of El Nino: A Fools Errand?," newspaper clippings on the El Nino effect, and information pertaining to Barry speaking at Colorado State University's Hydrology Days.
  • Binder: departure from the Colorado Department of Natural Resources 

    Format:photographs; memorandums
    Photographs of Chips Barry with humorous captions.
  • American Society of Consulting Planners 

    Format:documents (object genre)
    Correspondence pertaining to a presentation Chips Barry gave to the American Society of Consulting Planners.
  • Comebacks for 5/21/10 event 

    Author(s):Barry, Hamlet J., III, 1944-2010
    Date:undated; 2010
    Format:documents (object genre)
    Quips and humor for introduction of Dick MacRavey, director of the Colorado Water Congress.
  • Historic stuff (old resumes, job descriptions, stationery, etc.) 

    Date:undated; 1976-1979
    Format:documents (object genre)
    Blank letterhead, resumes, professional references, and employee performance evaluation form.