This collection originally emerged to support research conducted as part of the Germans from Russia in Colorado Study Project, which was active at Colorado State University under Dr. Sidney Heitman's direction in the late 1970's. It includes a full range of secondary resources and many original documents dealing with the migration of Germans to Russia's open lands of the lower Volga River beginning in the 1760's, plus sources detailing their Russian sojourn and subsequent move to the United States over one hundred years later. Specialized information on local settlements in the United States and specific accounts of Germans from Russia in Colorado make this collection unique. The collection documents early migration to Colorado settlements, religious and family matters, occupations, and social mobility. There is considerable material on the early sugar beet industry and the role of the Germans from Russia in its early growth, plus a general view of the history of Colorado from the perspective of this ethnic group. The story of the assimilation and influence of Germans from Russia in Colorado makes this collection an important resource for the understanding of the history and development of the state.

This digital collection includes field reports, information bulletins, transcripts and some audio oral histories, photographs, and miscellaneous printed materials. For more materials related to Germans from Russia in Colorado, please see the Dutch Hop Collection.

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  • Legler, Phillip : interview 

    Contributor:Rock, Kenneth W.; Legler, Phillip B.
    Date Recorded:1977-04-06
    Date Recorded:1977-07-27
    Tape 1, side 1: On April 6, 1977, Dr. Kenneth Rock interviews Phillip Legler about the Germans from Russia in the northern Colorado region. Mr. Legler is describing photographs from Russia and the United States to illustrate ...
  • Lind, Mrs. William K. (Mary Frank) : oral history interview 

    Contributor:Lind, Mary Frank; Lind, William K.Rock, Kenneth W.;
    Date Recorded:1978-05-11
    Tape 1: On July 11, 1978, Dr. Kenneth Rock interviews Mrs. William K. Lind, who describes her life in Keutz, Volga District, Russia, before immigrating to the United States. Her daughter, Mrs. Paul Bethke, participates in ...
  • German hymns : songs by over 100 Germans from Russia 

    Date Recorded:1975
    A choir of over one hundred Germans from Russia sing German hymns. Recorded at Our Savior's Lutheran Church, Greeley, Colorado, 1975.
  • Brunkhardt, George and Mollie : oral history interview 

    Contributor:Brunkhardt, George; Brunkhardt, Mollie
    Date Recorded:1976-01-30
    Tape 1, side 1: On January 30, 1976, an unidentified interviewer interviews George and Mollie Brunkhardt about their lives in Grimm, Russia before immigrating to the United States in the early 20th century.
  • American Historical Society of Germans from Russia organizational meeting, Denver, Colorado 

    Contributor:Werner, John; Werner, Margaret
    Date Recorded:1968-09-08
    The first general meeting of persons interested in discussing the formation of a historical society of Germans from Russia, held on September 8, 1968. The meeting had been called by a small group of individuals who had ...
  • Solomon Schneider 

    Contributor:Schneider, Solomon
    Solomon Schneider was born of Russian German parents in WaKeeny, Kansas on September 6, 1922. In his interview, Mr. Schneider discusses his childhood education in WaKeeny.
  • Martha Elizabeth Krug Miller and Magdalena Krug Sheafer 

    Contributor:Miller, Martha Elizabeth Krug; Sheafer, Magdalena Krug
    Martha Elizabeth Krug Miller and Magdalena Krug Sheafer are sisters who were born in Russell, Kansas, as were their parents. Mrs. Miller and Mrs. Sheafer discuss education in Russell County during their childhood.
  • Katherine Elizabeth Blehm (nee Deines) 

    Contributor:Blehm, Katherine Elizabeth (nee Deines)
    Katherine Elizabeth Blehm was born of Russian German parents near Seraco in Russia in 1895. In her interview, Mrs. Blehm discusses her childhood and her family's experiences in Russia, South America, Kansas, and Fort Collins.
  • Lila Schilling 

    Contributor:Schilling, Lila
    Lila Schilling was born of Russian German parents in Windsor, Colorado on November 9, 1929. In her interview, Mrs. Schilling discusses her childhood education and activities.
  • Interview with Fred Ostwald Jan. 13, 1976 

    Contributor:Ostwald, FredKloberdanz, Timothy J.;
    Mr. Ostwald was born in Russia and emigrated with his family as a boy. He relates experiences in Russia, immigrating to the United States, and settling in Colorado.
  • Sarah Wolf 

    Contributor:Wolf, Sarah, 1910-Rock, Kenneth W.;
    This interview with Sarah Wolf was conducted with other family members present, most of whom were born in Colorado. The interview describes events in the lives of Mrs. Wolf's parents in Russia, during the immigration from ...
  • Interview with Amelia Luft Vendegna 

    Contributor:Vendegna, Amelia LuftKloberdanz, Timothy J.;
    Mrs. Vendegna emigrated from Russia when a little over 1 year old. In her interview, she relates incidents in Russia and during the family's early years in Texas, Kansas, and Colorado; memories of the Depression; discrimination ...
  • Peter Stoll 

    Contributor:Stoll, Peter, 1892-Rock, Kenneth W.;
    Peter Stoll was born in Russia and emigrated to the United States as a young man. In his interview, he recalls several specific events as well as general recollections of his life in Russia and as an immigrant in Colorado.
  • Oral history interview with John Schulz 

    Contributor:Schulz, John, 1889-Means, Dennis;
    John Schulz was born in Nebraska of Russian German parents. His father was born in Germany and moved to Russia as a young child; his mother was born in Russia. Mr. Schulz relates incidents in his parents' lives while in ...
  • Mr. and Mrs. John Schritter 

    Contributor:Schritter, John; Schritter, Mrs. JohnKloberdanz, Timothy J.;
    John Schritter was born in Bessarabia and emigrated to the United States with his family when he 2 years old. His interview discusses his family's immigration, moving from North Dakota to Idaho to Kansas to Colorado; ...
  • Magdelena Schlichenmayer 

    Contributor:Schlichenmayer, MagdelenaKloberdanz, Timothy J.;
    Mrs. Schlichenmayer was born in Nebraska; her parents were born in Russia and emigrated to the United States shortly before Mrs. Schlichenmayer was born; she discusses their farms; the Lutheran church; adobe houses; weather ...
  • Paul Reeb 

    Contributor:Reeb, Paul, 1923-Rock, Kenneth W.;
    Paul Reeb was born in Colorado, the son of Russian German immigrants. His interview includes descriptions of the Russian German community he was raised in, most of whom lived in Kansas and consisted mainly of Black Sea ...
  • Interview with Fred Ostwald. May 14, 1976 

    Contributor:Ostwald, FredKloberdanz, Timothy J.;
    In this second interview, Mr. Ostwald discusses the reasons his family left Russia, life in Russia, the sugar beef fields in Colorado, what made Russian Germans successful, discrimination against Russian Germans, and Russian ...
  • Lydia Alles Miller 

    Contributor:Miller, Lydia AllesRock, Kenneth W.;
    Mrs. Miller was born in Nebraska; her parents were immigrants from the Walter colony in Russia. Her interview discusses farming, railroad work, earth houses, the Depression, her husband's law practice, and church life.
  • Mrs. Amalie (nee Fuchs) Klein 

    Contributor:Klein, AmalieKloberdanz, Timothy J.;
    At the age of 16, Amalie Klein emigrated with her family from the German village of Hussenbach in Russia to the United States. Her oral history describes various scenes and villages in Russia, the trip through Russia and ...

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