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        1888/1911, Monthly record [1]
        1937/59, Fort Collins monthly summary Colo. Expr. Sta. weather observations [1]
        Accomplishments of the Colorado Experiment Station [1]
        Bentonite sealing investigations [2]
        Concerning subjects investigated by the experiment station [1]
        Cookie recipes from a basic mix for high altitudes [1]
        Cost of growing sugar beets in 1922 and 1923 [1]
        Cost of production of range sheep in the San Luis Valley, Colorado, The [1]
        Costs and returns from fattening cattle in northern Colorado during the 1933-34 feeding season [1]
        Costs and returns from winter fattening of lambs in northern Colorado, for the 1933-34 feeding season [1]
        Delta and Mesa counties, Oil and water possibilities of [1]
        Farm business report relating to 26 farms in Phillips, Sedgwick, Washington, and Yuma counties for the year 1938, A [1]
        Farm home water systems: source and location of water supplies, inexpensive water systems, cisterns and septic tanks [1]
        First quarterly progress report of bentonite sealing investigations: during period of February 1, 1960 to May 1, 1960 [1]
        Guide to chemical control of plant diseases in Colorado [1]
        Index to publications of the Colorado State University Experiment Station, 1965-1973 [1]
        Iron deficiency chlorosis of plants: a collection of abstracts and extracts [1]
        Marketing investigations, Report of [1]
        Meteorological record for month of Sept. 1888/Dec. 1911; Jan. 1937/Dec. 1959 [1]
        Oil and water possibilities of parts of Delta and Mesa counties, Colorado [1]