• Forjando patria: pro-nacionalismo = Forging a nation 

        Author(s):Gamio, Manuel; Armstrong-Fumero, Fernando
        Date Issued:2010
        Format:born digital; books
        Often considered the father of anthropological studies in Mexico, Manuel Gamio originally published Forjando Patria in 1916. This groundbreaking manifesto for a national anthropology of Mexico summarizes the key issues in ...
      • Elusive unity: factionalism and the limits of identity politics in Yucatán, Mexico 

        Author(s):Armstrong-Fumero, Fernando
        Date Issued:2013
        Format:born digital; books
        In Elusive Unity, Armstrong-Fumero examines early twentieth-century peasant politics and twenty-first-century indigenous politics in the rural Oriente region of Yucatan the rural inhabitants of this region have had some ...