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      • Environmental bioethics 

        Author(s):Rolston, Holmes, 1932-
        Date Issued:1995
        Format:born digital; chapters (layout features)
        Environmental bioethics, or environmental ethics, is the theory and practice concerning values in and duties to, or concerning, the natural world. An anthropocentric ethic holds that humans are the focus of ethics and ...
      • Data associated with "Constraining aerosol phase function using dual-view geostationary satellites" 

        Author(s):Bian, Qijing; Kreidenweis, Sonia; Chiu, J. Christine; Miller, Steven D.; Xu, Xiaoguang; Wang, Jun; Kahn, Ralph A.; Limbacher, James A.; Remer, Lorraine A.; Levy, Robert C.
        Format:ZIP; CSV; HDF5
        Passive satellite observations play an important role in monitoring global aerosol properties and helping quantify aerosol radiative forcing in the climate system. The quality of aerosol retrievals from the satellite ...
      • Parametric optimal estimation retrieval of the non-precipitating parameters over the global oceans, A 

        Author(s):Elsaesser, Gregory S.
        Date Issued:2006
        Format:masters theses
        There are a multitude of spacebome microwave sensors in orbit, including the TRMM Microwave Imager (TMI), the Special Sensor Microwave/lmager (SSM/I) onboard the DMSP satellites, the Advanced Microwave Scanning Radiometer ...
      • Finite element 2-D transport model of groundwater restoration for in situ solution mining of uranium 

        Author(s):Warner, James W.
        Date Issued:1981
        Format:doctoral dissertations
        Developing technologies such as in situ solution mining of uranium represent a new, more complex solute transport problem in site restoration than traditional transport problems such as contaminant migration. The method ...
      • Streamflow synthesis and water allocation by water right priorities 

        Author(s):Holt, William Kent
        Date Issued:1980
        Format:masters theses
        A computerized streamflow model was developed that allocates water by the doctrine of prior appropriations. The function of the model is to simulate the impacts of physical or legal changes in a stream system managed on ...
      • Artificial ground water recharge with capillarity 

        Author(s):Ortiz, Nestor
        Date Issued:1977
        Format:doctoral dissertations
        The effect of the capillary region on the transient response of the water table to recharge was studied. A two-dimensional model was developed to simulate growth of groundwater mounds when flow and storage in the capillary ...
      • Digital model of a stream-aquifer system on the South Platte River near Sterling, Colorado, A 

        Author(s):Olson, Alan F.
        Date Issued:1973-06
        Format:masters theses
        A digital finite difference groundwater model was developed for a stream-aquifer system in northeastern Colorado. The general mathematical model and computer program used in the study were developed by the Groundwater staff ...
      • Numerical simulation of general hydrodynamic dispersion in porous medium 

        Author(s):Nalluswami, Marappagounder
        Date Issued:1971-08
        Format:doctoral dissertations
        A general two-dimensional equation of dispersion in a porous medium is presented. The second order linear partial differential equation describing the transient concentration distribution has mixed partial derivatives which ...
      • Irrigation water supply management 

        Author(s):Land, Larry F.
        Date Issued:1967-03
        Format:masters theses
        The major objective of this study was to illustrate a method for comparing allocation patterns on the basis of water-use efficiency and economic soundness. Two supporting objectives include presenting three methods for ...
      • Numerical modeling of groundwater contamination 

        Author(s):Kraeger, Catherine Eileen
        Date Issued:1972-06
        Format:masters theses
        The effectiveness of numerical models in simulating flow and behavior of contaminants in porous media has not previously been tested for complex boundary conditions encountered in most field problems. This study was ...
      • Hydraulic effects of underground nuclear explosions, Amchitka Island, Alaska 

        Author(s):Gonzalez, Don Diego
        Date Issued:1977
        Format:doctoral dissertations
        An intensive field study was undertaken as part of the U.S. Geological Survey Nuclear Hydrology Program to determine the response of drainage basins and groundwater aquifers to underground nuclear explosions. Measurements ...
      • Simultaneous solution for distribution of head in a two aquifer system 

        Author(s):Eckhardt, John R.
        Date Issued:1976-01
        Format:masters theses
        A general computer program, WTSHED4, was developed to simulate the simultaneous areal distribution of head in a two aquifer system as a result of natural and artificial influences to each aquifer. WTSHED4 was constructed ...
      • Immiscible multiphase flow in ground water hydrology: a computer analysis of the well flow problem 

        Author(s):Brutsaert, Willem
        Date Issued:1970-05
        Format:doctoral dissertations
        A mathematical analogue of immiscible multiphase flow in porous media is derived considering three compressible fluids -- two liquids and one gas. Isothermal conditions are assumed so that fluid properties such as ...
      • Conjunctive use of surface water and groundwater with different salinities in the Indus Basin of Pakistan 

        Author(s):Wu, Fang-Hong
        Date Issued:1974-06
        Format:doctoral dissertations
        A mathematical model for optimal conjunctive use of sur face water and groundwater is developed to determine canal and tubewell installed capacities in three different groundwater salinity zones. The objective is to minimize ...
      • Laminar and turbulent dispersion of miscible fluids in porous media 

        Author(s):Simpson, Harold D.
        Date Issued:1969-06
        Format:masters theses
        The phenomenon of longitudinal dispersion in the flow of miscible fluids through porous media was studied in this investigation. The relationship between the longitudinal dispersion coefficient and the average pore velocity ...
      • Water quality hydrology on surface mined watersheds 

        Author(s):Rowe, Jerry W.
        Date Issued:1976
        Format:masters theses
        Water quality and discharge on four watersheds disturbed by surface coal mining at the Edna Mine in northwestern Colorado have been monito red for about three years. Water quality and discharge have also been monitored in ...
      • Dispersion in groundwater flow systems 

        Author(s):Reddell, Donald Lee
        Date Issued:1969-12
        Format:doctoral dissertations
        A fundamental flow equation for a mixture of miscible fluids was derived by combining the law of conservation of mass, Darcy's law, and an equation of state describing the pressure-volume-temperature- concentration ...
      • Distribution of groundwater recharge 

        Author(s):Reddell, Donald L.
        Date Issued:1967-06
        Format:masters theses
        The primary objective of this study was to determine the average annual net rate and areal variation of natural recharge to the Ogallala Formation in the Northern High Plains of Colorado. This unconfined aquifer underlies ...
      • Galerkin simulation of hydrodynamic dispersion. 

        Author(s):Prakash, Anand
        Date Issued:1974-04
        Format:doctoral dissertations
        The problem of predicting salt-content of waters pumped by fully or partially penetrating wells in an aquifer, contaminated by salt-water intrusion on sea-coasts, indiscriminate pumping of deep saline aquifers or waste-water ...
      • Numerical simulation for convection of contaminants in groundwater 

        Author(s):Pittman, Leslie W.
        Date Issued:1977
        Format:masters theses
        A numerical model which simulates the convective transport of conservative ions through groundwater aquifers is presented and discussed. The model uses the fully implicit, central finite difference technique to predict ...