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Recent Submissions

ItemOpen Access
Agricultural conservation networks in Iowa
(Colorado State University. Libraries, 2023-09) Luxton, India, author; Ellis, Elizabeth, author; Arnold, Parker, author; Shakya, Prasiddha, author; Lee, Juliet, author; Ravetta, Emilia, author; Toombs, Ted, author; Mook, Anne, author; Cross, Jeni, author
Iowa's farmlands, celebrated for their remarkable agricultural productivity, are facing pressing environmental challenges, including soil erosion, waterway nitrogen pollution, and vulnerability to extreme weather events. These issues imperil the state's agricultural sector's long-term sustainability and economic stability. Despite substantial investments from governmental and non-governmental entities to encourage conservation practice use, adoption rates remain persistently low. In this report, we use quantitative, qualitative, and social network analysis on a sample of 38 farmers to understand how social networks shape their adoption of conservation practices. We analyze data through a systems framework and compare counties with high- and low-adoption of conservation practices to assess influences from the individual farmer level to the broader societal context. We conclude with a discussion of strategic implications to promote conservation adoption.
ItemOpen Access
Journal of student affairs, vol. XXX, 2022-2023
(Colorado State University. Libraries, 2023-05-01) Colorado State University. Student Affairs in Higher Education, publisher
ItemOpen Access
College avenue, vol. 19, no. 1, fall 2023
(Colorado State University. Libraries, 2023) College Avenue, publisher
ItemOpen Access
College avenue, vol. 19, no. 2, fall 2023
(Colorado State University. Libraries, 2023) College Avenue, publisher
ItemOpen Access
An interview with Holmes Rolston III - Chinese
(Colorado State University. Libraries, 2022) Rolston, Holmes, 1932-, interviewee; Libenson, Sam, interviewer; Wong, Justin, interviewer; Ma, Chenghui, translator
Holmes Rolston is interviewed by Sam Libenson and Justin Wong. Environmental ethics is about appropriate caring and respect for wonderland Earth and its inhabitants, each flourishing according to its own nature. Earth is a marvelously distinct planet with the richness of life that has evolved here ‒ a wonderland. Life contains information, encoded in genes, about how to construct and maintain an ongoing form of life. This is more marvelous than elsewhere in the universe so far as we know. Part of the meaning of life can be found in science, but not the deeper meanings in religion. We ought to use technology save half-Earth.