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      • Dataset associated with "The role of the C2A domain of synaptotagmin 1 in asynchronous neurotransmitter release" 

        Author(s):Shields, Mallory; Bowers, Matthew; Kramer, Hannah; Fulcer, McKenzie; Perinet, Lara; Metz, Marissa; Reist, Noreen
        Following nerve stimulation, there are two distinct phases of Ca2+-dependent neurotransmitter release: a fast, synchronous release phase, and a prolonged, asynchronous release phase. Each of these phases is tightly regulated ...
      • Soil CO2 flux from plots with various fire histories at the Konza Prairie Biological Station 

        Author(s):Slette, Ingrid
        Format:ZIP; PDF; CSV
        There is abundant evidence that ongoing changes to fire regimes are affecting the global carbon cycle. However, uncertainty about how the response to an individual fire may be affected by historical factors such as the ...
      • Dataset associated with "mRNA localization is linked to translation regulation in the Caenorhabditis elegans germ lineage" 

        Author(s):Parker, Dylan, M.; Winkenbach, Lindsay, P.; Boyson, Samuel, P.; Saxton, Matthew, N.; Daidone, Camryn; Al-Mazaydeh, Zainab, A.; Nishimura, Marc, T.; Mueller, Florian; Osborne Nishimura, Erin
        Format:BZIP2; TXT; TIFF
        Caenorhabditis elegans early embryos generate cell-specific transcriptomes despite lacking active transcription. This presents an opportunity to study mechanisms of post-transcriptional regulatory control. In seeking the ...
      • Dataset associated with "Inspiration, inoculation, and introductions are all critical to successful mentorship for undergraduate women pursuing geoscience careers" 

        Author(s):Hernandez, Paul, R.; Adams, Amanda, S.; Barnes, Rebecca, T.; Bloodhart, Brittany; Burt, Melissa; Clinton, Sandra; Du, Wenyi; Henderson, Heather; Pollack, Ilana, B.; Fischer, Emily, V.
        Format:CSV; PDF
        Diversity in the geosciences is low despite efforts to improve the representation of different groups in society, for example in terms of gender. Specifically, women are underrepresented in recruitment and retention at ...
      • MOR2 hydraulic field data 

        Author(s):Venable, Niah B.H.; Fassnacht, Steven R.; Jigjisuren, Odgarav; Jamiyankhuyag, Sukhbaatar
        Format:ZIP; TXT; PDF; CSV
        This record contains spreadsheets with location and measurements data from hydrologic (streamflow) and hydraulic (floodplain characteristics) work performed in Summer 2012 by S.R.Fassnacht, Niah B.H. Venable, Odgarav ...
      • MOR2 hydrology field data 

        Author(s):Venable, Niah B.H.; Fassnacht, Steven R.; Jigjisuren, Odgarav; Jamiyankhuyag, Sukhbaatar
        Format:ZIP; CSV; PDF; TXT; TSV
        This record contains tables with location and measurements data from hydrologic (streamflow) work performed in Summer 2012 by S.R.Fassnacht, Niah B.H. Venable, Odgarav Jigjisuren and Sukhbaatar Jamiyankhuyag.
      • MOR2 plot level climate data 

        Author(s):Angerer, Jay
        Format:ZIP; CSV; TXT
        MOR2 study plot level climate data from the WordClim (1950-2000), Climate Prediction Center (1979-2012), and APHRODITE (1961-2007).
      • MOR2 ecological data 

        Author(s):Reid, R.S.; Jamsranjav, C.; Fernández-Giménez, M.E.; Laituri, M.; Jamiyansharav, Kh.; Altanzul, T.; Baasandorj, Ya.; Zumberelmaa, D.
        Format:ZIP; CSV; PDF; TXT
        MOR2 ecological data were collected from 143 winter camps at three different grazing distances in four different ecological zones. Ecological field data includes soil pit descriptions, soul surface data including resource ...
      • MOR2 organization profile survey data 

        Author(s):Fernández-Giménez, M.E; Ulambayar, Tungalag; Baival, Batkhishig; Batjav, Batbuyan; Laituri, Melinda; Linn, Sophia; Roynane, Bridget; Holfelder, Kirsten; Jamiyansharav, Khishigbayar
        Format:ZIP; TSV; PDF; TXT
        Organization level social data were collected from 142 pastoral groups.
      • Mongolian livestock data 

        Author(s):Angerer, Jay; Jamiyansharav, Khishigbayar
        Format:ZIP; TXT; TSV
        The file "Mongolia_livestock_numbers_1970_2014.tsv" contains the raw livestock numbers and the conversions to sheep units collected by Jay Angerer ( on 09/07/2016 from The Mongolia Office of National ...
      • MOR2 hydro meteorological data 

        Author(s):Venable, Niah B.H.; Fassnacht, Steven R.; Jigjisuren, Odgarav
        Format:ZIP; TSV; TXT
        This data set is an archive of monthly precipitation, maximum temperature, minimum temperature, mean monthly streamflow, and median monthly streamflow data for selected stations in the Khangai Mountain region.
      • MOR2 household survey data 

        Author(s):Fernández-Giménez, M.E.; Ulambayar, Tungalag; Baival, Batkhishig; Batjav, Batbuyan; Laituri, Melinda; Linn, Sophia; Roynane, Bridget; Holfelder, Kirsten; Jamiyansharav, Khishigbayar
        Format:ZIP; TSV; PDF; TXT
        Household level social data were collected from 706 households.
      • Mongolian herder households 

        Author(s):Jamiyansharav, Khishigbayar; Fernández-Giménez, M.E.
        Format:ZIP; TXT; TSV
        This file contain machine-readable data detailing the number of livestock owning households in Aimags in Mongolia. Number of herder households obtained from the Mongolian statistical bulletins from each year (1991-2012). ...
      • Data associated with "Convective distribution of dust over the Arabian Peninsula: the impact of model resolution" 

        Author(s):Bukowski, Jennie; van den Heever, Sue
        Along the coasts of the Arabian Peninsula, convective dust storms are a considerable source of mineral dust to the atmosphere. Reliable predictions of convective dust events are necessary to determine their effects on air ...
      • Data associated with Boone (2020) "Hierarchical global plant biophysical regions as potential analysis units" 

        Author(s):Boone, Randall B
        Format:7z; TXT; MPEG-4; PNG; ASCII Grid
        Regional and global vegetation simulations can be problematic when analysis units to which parameters are assigned do not align with plant productivity and phenology. Having a suite of pre-defined biophysical regions at a ...
      • Data associated with "Environmental controls on tropical sea breeze convection and resulting aerosol redistribution" 

        Author(s):Park, Jungmin Minnie; van den Heever, Susan C.; Igel, Adele L.; Grant, Leah D.; Johnson, Jill S.; Saleeby, Stephen M.; Miller, Steven D.; Reid, Jeffrey S.
        Format:TAR; ZIP; PDF; GZIP; TXT; DOCX; JAR; HTML; PNG; CSS; RTF; XML; GIF; JPEG; EPS; BMP; BZIP2; DOC; PNM; NetCDF; HDF5; Fortran; SH; Source Code
        Sea breeze fronts propagate inland from the coastline, driving convective initiation and aerosol redistribution. Forecasting sea breezes is challenging due to uncertainties in the initial conditions, as well as the covariance ...
      • Dataset associated with "A mineralogy-based anthropogenic combustion-iron emission inventory" 

        Author(s):Rathod, Sagar; Hamilton, Douglas; Mahowald, Natalie; Corbett, James; Klimont, Zbigniew; Bond, Tami
        Format:ZIP; NetCDF; CSV; TXT; XLSX
        The atmospheric supply of iron can modulate ocean biogeochemistry, due to its key role in global nitrogen and carbon cycles, with current estimates predicting up to 20% of global ocean net primary productivity depending ...
      • Data associated with "Analysis of acoustic Doppler current profiler mean velocity measurements in shallow flows" 

        Author(s):Klema, Matthew R.; Pirzado, Abdul G.; Venayagamoorthy, S. Karan; Gates, Timothy K.
        Format:ZIP; TXT
        Acoustic Doppler current profilers (ADCPs) are commonly used instruments for measurement of natural streamflow and flow in manmade channels. Velocities measured in a profile by the instrument are used to estimate the ...
      • Dataset associated with "Cold pool responses to changes in soil moisture" 

        Author(s):Drager, Aryeh Jacob; Grant, Leah D; van den Heever, Susan C
        Format:ZIP; PDF; DOCX; MATLAB; HDF5; TAR; GZIP; Fortran; TXT; HTML; SH; Source Code; ASCII Grid
        This study examines the role of soil moisture in modulating convective cold pool properties in an idealized modeling framework that uses a cloud-resolving model coupled to an interactive land surface model. Four high-resolution ...
      • Data collected during the pilot campaign of the citizen-enabled aerosol measurements for satellites (CEAMS) network in northern Colorado 

        Author(s):Ford, Bonne; Pierce, Jeffrey R.; Wendt, Eric; Long, Marilee; Jathar, Shantanu; Mehaffy, John; Tryner, Jessica; Quinn, Casey; van Zyl, Lizette; L'Orange, Christian; Miller-Lionberg, Daniel; Volckens, John
        Format:ZIP; CSV; TXT
        These measurement data were collected by participants using the Aerosol Mass and Optical Depth (AMOD) sampler during a pilot campaign for the Citizen-Enabled Aerosol Measurements for Satellites (CEAMS) network in Fall/Winter ...