• Data behind Figures in "Peroxy acetyl nitrate (PAN) measurements at northern midlatitude mountain sites in April: a constraint on continental source–receptor relationships" 

        Author(s):Fiore, Arlene M.; Fischer, Emily V.; Milly, George P.; Pandey Deolal, Shubha; Wild, Oliver; Jaffe, Dan; Staehelin, Johannes; Clifton, Olivia E.; Bergmann, Dan; Collins, William; Dentener, Frank; Doherty, Ruth M.; Duncan, Bryan N.; Fischer, Bernd; Gilge, Stefan; Hess, Peter G.; Horowitz, Larry W.; Lupu, Alexandru; MacKenzie, Ian; Park, Rokjin; Ries, Ludwig; Sanderson, Michael G.; Schultz, Martin G.; Shindell, Drew T.; Steinbacher, Martin; Stevenson, David S.; Szopa, Sophie; Zellweger, Christoph; Zeng, Guang
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        Abundance-based model evaluations with observations provide critical tests for the simulated mean state in models of intercontinental pollution transport, and under certain conditions may also offer constraints on model ...