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        "You Can't Vote - You're Mentally Incompetent" : Denying Democracy to People with Intellectual Disabilities [1]
        Art of Classroom Teaching : Supporting Social-Emotional Wellbeing in Early Care and Educational Settings, The [1]
        Assessing Pre-Service Elementary Teachers' Beliefs about Mathematics [1]
        Challenges in Diagnosis and Couples Work : An Ethical Decision Making Model [1]
        Cognitive Change During Early Writing Development : A Comparative Multiple Case Study Perspective [1]
        Eliminating the Boxes in Survey Demographics [1]
        Engagement Theory : Reconceptualizing Early Education [1]
        Examining the Effectiveness of DIBELS : A Review of Research on the Predictive Qualities of the DIBELS Subtests [1]
        Funny Thing Happened While at the UW Art Museum : Preschool Children Seeing and Creating Visual Art Representations, A [1]
        Gender Diffrences and Principals' Perceived Supervisory Behaviors about Marginal Teachers [1]
        Harmonious Hybrid Identities : Translingual Curriculum for Promoting Globalized, Intercultural Conversation [1]
        How Faculty Supervise and Mentor Pre-service Teachers : Implications for Principal Supervision of Novice Teachers [1]
        Introduction : Symposium Chair Martin Agran [1]
        Knowledge, Attitudes, and Skills of Graduate Students Trained in Play Therapy [1]
        Learning for Transformation in a Changing Landscape [1]
        Math Teacher Leadership Center (TLC) Jointly Offered Master's Degree Program [1]
        Multicultural Gifted Education [1]
        On Critical Performance Race Theory (CPRT) : Key Principles, Transformative Pedagogy, and Loving Community [1]
        Pioneering Wyoming Waterways [1]
        Preservice Mathematics Teachers' Beliefs about Teaching Mathematics with Technology [1]