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        2012 Unidata Users Workshop Navigating Earth System Science Data [1]
        A-train satellite based stratiform mixed-phase cloud retrieval algorithm by combining active and passive sensor measurements, An [1]
        Aerocom Assessment of Black Carbon in Arctic Snow and Sea Ice, An [1]
        Aerosol and Gas Re-Distribution by Shallow Cumulus Clouds: An Investigation Using Airborne Measurements [1]
        Aerosol Effects on Cirrus Through Ice Nucleation in the Community Atmosphere Model CAM5 with a Statistical Cirrus Scheme [1]
        Aerosol First Indirect Effects on Non-Precipitating Low-Level Liquid Cloud Properties as Simulated by CAM5 at ARM Sites [1]
        Aerosol Indirect Effect on the Grid-Scale Clouds in the Two-Way Coupled WRF-CMAQ: Model Description, Development, Evaluation and Regional Analysis [1]
        Aerosol Indirect Effects in a Multi-Scale Aerosol-Climate Model PNNL-MMF [1]
        Aerosol Property Variations Over Global Oceans as Observed by the A-train Satellites [1]
        Aerosols in the Tropical and Subtropical UT/LS: In-Situ Measurements of Submicron Particle Abundance and Volatility [1]
        African Dust Impacts on Mixed-Phase and Warm Stratiform Clouds Observed from CALIPSO and CloudSat Measurements [1]
        AgI Seeding Cloud Impact Investigation (ASCII) Campaign 2012: Overview and Preliminary Results, The [1]
        Airborne Measurements of Coastal Jet Transition around Point Conception, California [1]
        Airborne measurements of terrain-induced pressure perturbations [1]
        Airborne Observations of a Catalina Eddy [1]
        Airborne profiling radar study of the impact of glaciogenic cloud seeding on snowfall from winter orographic clouds, An [1]
        Aircraft Observations of the Marine Boundary Layer Adjustment near Point Arguello, California [1]
        Aircraft-Induced Hole Punch and Canal Clouds: Inadvertent Cloud Seeding [1]
        Assessing the CAM5 Physics Suite in the WRF-Chem Mode: Implementation, Resolution Sensitivity, and a First Evaluation for a Regional Case Study [1]
        Assessing the CAM5 Physics Suite in the WRF-Chem Model: Implementation, Evaluation, and Resolution Sensitivity [1]