• Organic Aerosol Components Observed in Northern Hemispheric Datasets from Aerosol Mass Spectrometry 

        Author(s):Ng, N. L.; Canagaratna, M. R.; Zhang, Q.; Jimenez, J. L.; Tian, J.; Ulbrich, I. M.; Kroll, J. H.; Docherty, K. S.; Chhabra, P. S.; Bahreini, R.; Murphy, Shane; Seinfeld, J. H.; Hildebrandt, L.; Donahue, N. M.; Decarlo, P. F.; Lanz, V. A.; Prévôt, A. S. H.; Dinar, E.; Rudich, Y.; Worsnop, D. R.
        In this study we compile and present results from the factor analysis of 43 Aerosol Mass Spectrometer (AMS) datasets (27 of the datasets are reanalyzed in this work). The components from all sites, when taken together, ...