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        Are Hummingbirds Facultatively Ammonotelic?: Nitrogen Excretion and Requirements as a Function of Body Size [1]
        Are the Low Protein Requirements of Nectarivorous Birds the Consequence of Their Sugary and Watery Diet?: A Test with an Omnivore [1]
        Avoidance of Skeletal Muscle Atrophy in Spontaneous and Facultative Hibernators [1]
        Burrowing Owl (Athene Cunicularia) Population Genetics: A Comparison of North American Forms and Migratory Habits [1]
        Call Imitation and Call Modification in Red Crossbills [1]
        Comparative Plasma and Urine Chemistry of Fasting White-Tailed Prairie Dogs (Cynomys-Leucurus) and American Martens (Martes-Americana): Representative Fat-Bodied and Lean-Bodied Animals [1]
        Cone and Seed Trait Variation in Whitebark Pine (Pinus Albicaulis; Pinaceae) and the Potential for Phenotypic Selection [1]
        Cyanogenic Glycoside Amygdalin Does Not Deter Consumption of Ripe Fruit by Cedar Waxwings, The [1]
        Dietary Flexibility and Intestinal Plasticity in Birds: A Field and Laboratory Study [1]
        Discordance Between Genetic Structure and Morphological, Ecological, and Physiological Adaptation in Lake Magadi Tilapia [1]
        Do Nectar- and Fruit-Eating Birds Have Lower Nitrogen Requirements Than Omnivores?: an Allometric Test [1]
        Does Gut Function Limit Hummingbird Food Intake? [1]
        Effects of Water Ph and Calcium Concentration on Ion Balance in Fish of the Rio Negro, Amazon [1]
        Fasting Biochemistry of Representative Spontaneous and Facultative Hibernators: The White-Tailed Prairie Dog and the Black-Tailed Prairie Dog [1]
        Fate of Carbon in Growing Fish: An Experimental Study of Isotopic Routing, The [1]
        Hibernating Bears Conserve Muscle Strength and Maintain Fatigue Resistance [1]
        High Connectivity and Minimal Genetic Structure Among North American Boreal Owl (Aegolius Funereus) Populations, Regardless of Habitat Matrix [1]
        Hummingbirds Fuel Hovering Flight with Newly Ingested Sugar [1]
        Infection in the Classroom: Parasites as Models to Teach Biology [1]
        Influence of Hardarian Gland Removal and Fur Lipid Removal on Heat-Loss and Water Flux to and from the Skin of Muskrats, Ondotra-Zibethicus, The [1]