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        Automatic Differentiability and Characterization of Cocycles of Holomorphic Flows [1]
        Comment on "A Dynamic Nonlinear Subgrid-Scale Stress Model" [Phys. Fluids 17, 035109, (2005)] [1]
        Comparative Water Relations and Photosynthesis of Mycorrhizal and Non-Mycorrhizal Bouteloua-Gracilis HBK Lag Ex Steud [1]
        Distances in Weighted Trees and Group Inverse of Laplacian Matrices [1]
        Domain Decomposition Operator Splittings for the Solution of Parabolic Equations [1]
        Evolution of a Random Vortex Filament, The [1]
        Influence of Phosphate Source on Vesicular-Arbuscular Mycorrhizae of Bouteloua-Gracilis [1]
        Interaction of Migratory Birds and Domestic Poultry and Its Role in Sustaining Avian Influenza, The [1]
        Large Deviation Principle and Inviscid Shell Models [1]
        Novel Method for Solving Multiscale Elliptic Problems with Randomly Perturbed Data, A [1]
        On Matrices with Signed Null Spaces [1]
        Particle Method and Numerical Study of a Quasilinear Partial Differential Equation, A [1]
        Reconstruction of a Spherically Symmetrical Speed of Sound [1]
        Renormalization Group Analysis of Nonlinear Diffusion Equations with Periodic Coefficients [1]
        Renormalization Group Analysis of Nonlinear Diffusion Equations with Time Dependent Coefficients : Analytical Results [1]
        Scaling Analysis for the Tracer Flow Problem in Self-Similar Permeability Fields [1]
        Set of All MXN Rectangular Real Matrices of Rank-R Is Connected by Analytic Regular Arcs, The [1]
        Sign Patterns That Allow a Positive or Nonnegative Left Inverse [1]
        Simple Proof of Fiedler's Conjecture Concerning Orthogonal Matrices, A [1]
        Spatiotemporal Distributions of Migratory Birds : Patchy Models with Delay [1]