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        Accurate Ray-Based Offset-To-Angle Transform from Normal Moveout Uncorrected Multicomponent Data in a Transversely Isotropic Medium with Vertical Symmetry Axis, An [1]
        Adatom Fe(III) on the Hematite Surface: Observation of a Key Reactive Surface Species [1]
        Air Compression as a Mechanism for the Underdamped Slug Test Response in Fractured Glacier Ice [1]
        Aleutian Lead Isotopic Data: Additional Evidence for the Evolution of Lithospheric Plumbing Systems [1]
        Anisotropic Meta-Mirror for Achromatic Electromagnetic Polarization Manipulation [1]
        Anthracobunids from the Middle Eocene of India and Pakistan Are Stem Perissodactyls [1]
        Automating Seismic Waveform Analysis For Full 3-D Waveform Inversions [1]
        Broadband Anomalous Reflection Based on Gradient Low-Q Meta-Surface [1]
        Carbonate Assimilation in the Alkaline Hortavaer Igneous Complex, Norway [1]
        Centennial-to-Millennial Hydrologic Trends and Variability Along the North Atlantic Coast, USA, During the Holocene [1]
        Characterizing the 410 km Discontinuity Low-Velocity Layer Beneath the La Ristra Array in the North American Southwest [1]
        Combined U-Th/He and 40Ar/39Ar Geochronology of Post-Shield Lavas from the Mauna Kea and Kohala Volcanoes, Hawaii [1]
        Comment on "Limiting Depth of Magnetization in Cratonic Lithosphere" [1]
        Cooling History and the Depth of Detachment Faulting at the Atlantis Massif Oceanic Core Complex, The [2]
        Cooling History of Atlantis Bank Oceanic Core Complex: Evidence for Hydrothermal Activity 2.6 Ma Off Axis [1]
        Cooling Rates and the Depth of Detachment Faulting At Oceanic Core Complexes: Evidence from Zircon Pb/U and (U-Th)/He Ages [1]
        Cooling Rates and the Depth of Detachment Faulting at Oceanic Core Complexes: Evidence from Zircon Pb/U and (U-Th)/He Ages [1]
        Crust and Upper Mantle Velocity Structure of the Yellowstone Hot Spot and Surroundings [1]
        Crustal Structure Across the Costa Rican Volcanic Arc [1]
        Crustal Structure and Thickness Along the Yellowstone Hot Spot Track: Evidence for Lower Crustal Outflow from Beneath the Eastern Snake River Plain [1]