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        Sporadic Low-Velocity Layer Atop the Western Us Mantle Transition Zone and Short-Wavelength Variations in Transition Zone Discontinuities, A [1]
        Strain Localization Along the Atlantis Bank Oceanic Detachment Fault System, Southwest Indian Ridge [1]
        Strain Localization on an Oceanic Detachment Fault System, Atlantis Massif, 30°N, Mid-Atlantic Ridge [1]
        Structural Evolution of Djebel-Debadib Anticline: A Clue to the Regional Tectonic Style of the Tunisian Atlas [1]
        Structure and Serpentinization of the Subducting Cocos Plate Offshore Nicaragua and Costa Rica [1]
        Structure of Hematite (α-Fe2O3) (001) Surfaces in Aqueous Media: Scanning Tunneling Microscopy and Resonant Tunneling Calculations of Coexisting O and Fe Terminations, The [1]
        Study of Conceptual Model Uncertainty in Large-Scale CO2 Storage Simulation, A [1]
        Teleseismic P-Wave Tomogram of the Yellowstone Plume [1]
        Temperatures in Ambient Mantle and Plumes: Constraints from Basalts, Picrites, and Komatiites [1]
        Testing Five of the Simplest Upper Mantle Anisotropic Velocity Parameterizations Using Teleseismic S and SKS Data from the Billings, Montana Passcal Array [1]
        Testing Waveform Predictions of 3D Velocity Models Against Two Recent Los Angeles Earthquakes [1]
        Thermal Tracking of Meltwater Retention in Greenland's Accumulation Area [1]
        Thermochronologic Evidence of Major Tectonic Denudation Associated with Detachment Faulting, Northern Ruby Mountains: East Humboldt Range, Nevada [1]
        Topographic Control of Asynchronous Glacial Advances: A Case Study from Annapurna, Nepal [1]
        Two Modes of Accelerated Glacier Sliding Related to Water [1]
        Ubiquitous Low-Velocity Layer Atop the 410-km Discontinuity in the Northern Rocky Mountains [1]
        Understanding Melt Generation Beneath the Slow-Spreading Kolbeinsey Ridge Using (238)U, (230)Th, and (231)Pa Excesses [1]
        Unique Biochemical and Mineral Composition of Whale Ear Bones [1]
        Uplift of the Central Andes of NW Argentina Associated with Upper Crustal Shortening, Revealed by Multiproxy Isotopic Analyses [1]
        Upper Mantle P-Wave Velocity Structure from Passcal Teleseismic Transects Across Idaho, Wyoming and Colorado [1]