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        Georadar-Derived Estimates of Firn Density in the Percolation Zone, Western Greenland Ice Sheet [1]
        High Altitude Himalayan Climate Inferred from Glacial Ice Flux [1]
        Imaging Yellowstone Plume-Lithosphere Interactions from Inversion of Ballistic and Diffusive Rayleigh Wave Dispersion and Crustal Thickness Data [1]
        Insight Into Volatile Behavior At Nyamuragira Volcano (D.R. Congo, Africa) Through Olivine-Hosted Melt Inclusions [1]
        Internal Structure of an Oceanic Core Complex: An Integrated Analysis of Oriented Borehole Imagery from IODP Hole U1309D (Atlantis Massif), The [1]
        Magnetic Mineralogy of the Lower Continental-Crust [1]
        Magnetic Petrology of High Fe-Ti Eclogites from the CCSD Main Hole: Implications for Subduction-Zone Magnetism [1]
        Magnetic-Properties of Metaperidotitic Rocks as a Function of Metamorphic Grade: Implications for Crustal Magnetic-Anomalies, The [1]
        Mantle Transition Zone Topography and Structure Beneath the Yellowstone Hotspot [1]
        Mesozoic Basin Development and Tectonic Evolution of the Dabieshan Orogenic Belt, Central China [1]
        Mesozoic-Cenozoic Tectonothermal Evolution of the Ruby Mountains, East Humboldt Range, Nevada: A Cordilleran Metamorphic Core Complex, The [1]
        Multicomponent Pre-Stack Seismic Waveform Inversion in Transversely Isotropic Media Using a Non-Dominated Sorting Genetic Algorithm [1]
        Mylonitic Deformation at the Kane Oceanic Core Complex: Implications for the Rheological Behavior of Oceanic Detachment Faults [1]
        Nature and Origin of Seismic-Reflection Fabric, Ruby East Humboldt Metamorphic Core Complex, Nevada [1]
        Nonvolcanic Seafloor Spreading and Corner-Flow Rotation Accommodated by Extensional Faulting At 15°N on the Mid-Atlantic Ridge: A Structural Synthesis of ODP Leg 209 [1]
        Optical Waveguide Lightmode Spectroscopy (OWLS) as a Sensor for Thin Film and Quantum Dot Corrosion [1]
        Optimal Reproduction in Salmon Spawning Substrates Linked to Grain Size and Fish Length [1]
        Optimum swimming pathways of fish spawning migrations in rivers [1]
        Perturbation Kernels for Generalized Seismological Data Functionals (GSDF) [1]
        Preservation of Fe Isotope Compositions of Iron Formation During Contact Metamorphism [1]