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  • Falling and Rolling as a Strategy to Reduce Lower Extremity Landing Forces 

    Author(s):Baur, Marten; Baur, Marten
    One of the most common knee injuries is the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) tear, which can occur in non-contact jump-landings. Safely falling and rolling can potentially reduce the risk of ACL injuries, for falling and ...
  • Micro-Wind Turbine System 

    Author(s):Delva, Will; Everitts, Skyler; Schutz, Will; Craft, Grady; Kinney, Andie; Delva, Will; Everitts, Skyler; Schutz, Will; Craft, Grady; Kinney, Andie
    Residents of Least Developed Countries (LDC) can extend the useful portion of their day by gaining access to reliable electrical energy. Currently, some residents rely on 12- Volt automobile batteries to provide electricity ...
  • Laramie Locals 

    Author(s):Johnson, Charles Strawn; Johnson, Charles Strawn
    Laramie Locals is an analysis and representation of the local business of Laramie through clothing. It provides the public a look into the doors of these businesses in a unique way.
  • An Exploration of Inquiry Social Studies Education 

    Author(s):Good, Daniel; Good, Daniel
    Exploration of Inquiry in Social Studies Education Daniel Good, Dr. Gabe Swarts Education UW Oral Honors Denver, Colorado The educational world is rapidly changing and growing. The way that learning is ...
  • Improving Neonatal Care in the Resource-Limited Setting of Rwanda 

    Author(s):Batenhorst, Sean; Batenhorst, Sean
    In the resource-limited setting, such as Rwanda, low doctor to patient ratios cause serious issues when providing care to high risk patients. These patients include neonates, babies born pre-term, whose deaths occur most ...
  • Ethical Implications for Autonomous Vehicles 

    Author(s):Tay, Kathryn; Tay, Kathryn
    From Batman to Minority Report to Ender’s Game, autonomous vehicles have been a prominent feature of science fiction, representing a futuristic society that could occur only in one’s wildest imagination. However, that ...
  • Environmental Sampling Drone 

    Author(s):Perkins, Cody; Worden, Gavin; Klebba, Joseph; Jaworsky, Christopher; Perkins, Cody; Worden, Gavin; Klebba, Joseph; Jaworsky, Christopher
    Large pits filled with contaminated water are a product of many mining operations. Collecting water samples from mine pits is a dangerous task that requires skill and caution as the body of water is surrounded by steep ...
  • The Rhetoric of Self-Harm 

    Author(s):Secher, Jordan; Secher, Jordan
    Nonsuicidal self-injury (NSSI) is a perplexing and uncanny concept in which people engage in the practice of purposefully harming themselves without fatal intent. Though there are many actions classified as NSSI, this ...
  • Examining Behavioral Compatibility in Zebra Finches 

    Author(s):Watkins, Joy; Watkins, Joy
    The strength of a social relationship may influence how well conspecifics can coordinate their behaviors. The monogamous zebra finch (Taeniopygia guttata) is well-suited for studies of coordination because pair-bonded ...
  • Why Can't We Say "No"?? 

    Author(s):Burchi, Delta; Burchi, Delta
    The opioid epidemic is one of the largest problems America has ever faced. Opioid abuse has a significant fiscal and social burden, even though prescription rates have been steadily declining since 2012 (CDC, 2018). With ...
  • Compositional Techniques that Portray Characters, Ideas, or Emotions in Oboe and English Horn Repertoire 

    Author(s):Thayer, Kathryn; Thayer, Kathryn
    Using music to portray an idea or reflect on an emotion or character is a long-standing idea. An individual is capable of recognizing these qualities, even without being classically trained in music. In a movie, certain ...
  • Addressing Water Pollution: A Review of Zero Liquid Discharge Policy in Tirupur, India 

    Author(s):Hook, Savannah K; Patel, Ishan; Sivanpillai, Ramesh; Hook, Savannah K; Patel, Ishan; Sivanpillai, Ramesh
    Dyeing and bleaching in Tirupur, India both drives the economy and is a large source of pollution in the Noyyal River. As a result of direct discharge of bleach and dyes into water resources water quality below Tirupur is ...
  • North: Saxophone Quartet 

    Author(s):Poitras, Sam; Poitras, Sam
    North for saxophone quartet is an original piece of music for concert performance. The piece employs the virtuosic capabilities of the saxophone and techniques from impressionist and minimalistic styles as well as a modern ...
  • Distributing REDD+ Benefits Among Indigenous and Rural Citizens in the Peruvian and Brazilian Amazons 

    Author(s):Miller, Lauren; Miller, Lauren
    The Brazilian and Peruvian Amazon Rainforests host some of the most biodiverse habitats in the world which hold present and future monetary and intrinsic value to local and international communities. However, they are ...
  • Influence of pile length and body size on rates of heat loss in the bumble bee, Bombus vosnesenskii, The 

    Author(s):Parsons, Zachary; Parsons, Zachary
    Variation in bumble bee body size and pile length across environmental gradients has been addressed by a number of studies due to it’s presumed impact on cooling rate and, therefore, foraging success. However, very little ...
  • Implicit Bias Jury Instructions 

    Author(s):Lawson-Garcia, Alma; Lawson-Garcia, Alma
    The Sixth Amendment guarantees a defendant the right to an impartial jury; however, studies have shown that members of the jury are often unknowingly influenced by biases that are present in our social and cultural norms. ...
  • Wyoming Politics: A Look Into the Effects of Conservative Political Traditions 

    Author(s):Bergman, Connor; Bergman, Connor
    For most of Wyoming’s statehood, Wyoming has been known as a conservative, Republican majority state. One of the core principles of conservatism is the value of tradition and the importance of sticking to the things that ...
  • Synthesis of Cellulose by Acetobacter Xylinum: A Comparison Vegan Leather to Animal and Imitation Leather 

    Author(s):Chong Liao, Carolina; Solatorio, Nikka
    Acetobacter xylinum is a Gram-negative soil bacterium that synthesize and secrete cellulose during its metabolism of glucose (Cannon R.E, 2000). Bacterial cellulose (BC) can be made into fabric through a series of ...
  • Student Perceptions of the Purpose of First Year Seminars 

    Author(s):Foltz, Ashley; Foltz, Ashley
    First Year Seminars (FYS) are an integral part of the First Year Experience (FYE) that is part of many college and university curriculums and degree programs. They are in place to help with retention and help at-risk ...
  • Examination of Sex Offense and Sex Offense Policies, An 

    Author(s):Horn, Ariel
    The author examined resources and barriers that exist for the reintegration of sex offenders into the larger society, engaging in an explorative, qualitative analysis of existing literature. Subsequently, the researcher ...

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