Dear Educator,

We are pleased to present a series of exemplar lessons focused on NGSS-aligned elementary lessons from CCSD. The body of work spans Kindergarten - 6th grade and demonstrates alignment to the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS). The NGSS, to which the new Wyoming State Science Standards are closely aligned, are the most recent efforts to provide guidelines for rigorous science education in K-12 schooling. With these new standards come a shift that views science as the integration of three dimensions: science content knowledge, science and engineering practices, and overarching, cross-disciplinary themes. These sample lessons are intended as examples of how to teach lessons, which target all three dimensions. Although the lessons are intended for the identified grade levels, lessons might be adapted for other age groups.

The lesson plans were developed through the Campbell County School District as part of a district-wide professional development workshop made possible by a Mathematics and Science Partnership (MSP) Grant. The grant provided 3 years of sustained workshops for enrolled K-12 science teachers and was in collaboration with university professors who were seeking, alongside district administrators and teachers, to achieve the same goal: to increase student achievement in the area of science.

The following people must be recognized for the development, testing, and revising of these exemplar lessons. Administrators from CCSD: Jodi Crago-Wyllie, Christy Mathes, and Kelly Hornby; UW Faculty and Staff: Ana Houseal, Alan Buss, Pete Ellsworth, Martha Inouye, and Sarah Hackworth; Teachers from CCSD: Kindergarten – Julie Rankin, Julie Blazek, Amanda Bahige, Shauna Fredericks, Allison Shirley, Carla Strong; 1st grade – Valerie Bruce, Kara Rigsby, Carlie Hall, Melissa Wooldridge, Courtney Proscenick; 2nd grade – Meghan Diede, Bev Bowar, Ashley Stuber; 3rd grade – Lindy Watt, Rachel Trythall, Twila Hughes, Christina Rowe, Brandee Mauer; 4th grade – Amanda Olson, Jami Howe, Tracy Morgan, Heather Gibson; 5th grade – Daisy Ruff, Amanda Hanson, Laura McGregor, Bobbie Patz, Tara Schmitz; 6th grade – Chelsea Posten, Shawna Cates, Todd Allerdings, David Petersen, Angela Plett.


Martha Inouye and Ana Houseal

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