Recent Submissions

  • Stories Beyond Words: Research & Practices for Multimodal Literacy 

    Author(s):Glos, Maggie; Glos, Maggie
    Monomodal practices are a regular occurrence in the elementary classroom, where the reading and writing of traditional print-based texts are often what is tested and what is valued. Yet, multimodal literacy practices provide ...
  • Using the Ideological Model of Literacy to Approach Early Childhood, Instruction, and Assessment 

    Author(s):Horn, Kelly M.; Horn, Kelly M.
    This paper explores the ideological model of literacy as a means to perceive early childhood literacy development as well as inform instruction and assessment in the classroom. This model suggests that literacy and its ...
  • Fluency Instruction that Makes a Difference 

    Author(s):Bell, Lydia L.; Bell, Lydia L.
    Successful readers must be able to fluently decode words they are reading independently and with automaticity. Once they can decode words fluently, they are able to comprehend what they are reading more easily. This action ...