• Taxing the Few: The First Federal Income Tax in Washington Territory 

        Author(s):Roberts, Phil; Roberts, Phil
        A month after the Battle of Antietam in Maryland, the bloodiest engagement of the Civil War, Union tax notices appeared in newspapers around the North. By passing a comprehensive tax bill, one small part of which was a tax ...
      • Fetterman Hospital Association: Cooperative Health Care on the Range in the 1880s, The 

        Author(s):Roberts, Phil; Roberts, Phil
        Wyoming would seem to be the last place with a history of cooperative health care. Yet, more than a century ago, some of the most rugged of individualists American ranchers and cowboys, together organized a cooperative ...
      • Art in Life: Fashioning Political Ideology Through Visual Culture in Mid-Century America 

        Author(s):Helfgott, Isadora A.; Helfgott, Isadora A.
        Life magazine debuted onto the American publishing scene in November, 1936. The third major publication to come out of Henry Luce's publishing empire, Time, Inc., Life was a picture magazine. It helped to transform visual ...
      • Indians Shall Do Things in common 

        Author(s):Means, Jeffrey D.; Means, Jeffrey D.
        Means discusses the Oglala Lakota identity and cattle-raising on the Pine Ridge Reservation. For the Oglala Lakota, cattle represented an opportunity to maintain traditional culture and create a subsistence economy while ...