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        Carbon and Oxygen Isotope Analysis of Leaf Biomass Reveals Contrasting Photosynthetic Responses to Elevated Co2 Near Geologic Vents in Yellowstone National Park [1]
        Chromosome-Numbers in Bromeliaceae [2]
        Cladistic Relationships of Aechmea (Bromeliaceae, Bromelioideae) and Allied Genera [1]
        Cladistic Tests of Hypotheses Concerning Evolution of Xerophytes and Mesophytes Within Tillandsia Subg Phytarrhiza (Bromeliaceae) [1]
        Competition for Light Between Individual Trees Lowers Reference Canopy Stomatal Conductance: Results from a Model [1]
        Controls on Soil Organic Carbon and Nitrogen in Inner Mongolia, China: A Cross-Continental Comparison of Temperate Grasslands [1]
        Daily to Decadal Patterns of Precipitation, Humidity, and Photosynthetic Physiology Recorded in the Spines of the Columnar Cactus, Carnegiea Gigantea [1]
        Differential Hydrogen Isotopic Ratios of Sphagnum and Vascular Plant Biomarkers in Ombrotrophic Peatlands as a Quantitative Proxy for Precipitation-Evaporation Balance [1]
        Elevated Atmospheric Co2 Effects and Soil Water Feedbacks on Soil Respiration Components in a Colorado Grassland [1]
        Examination of Subfamilial Phylogeny in Bromeliaceae Using Comparative Sequencing of the Plastid Locus Ndhf [1]
        Morphological Variation of Some Floral Features of the Subfamily Pitcairnioideae (Bromeliaceae) and Their Significance in Pollination Biology [1]
        On the Representativeness of Plot Size and Location for Scaling Transpiration from Trees to a Stand [1]
        Patterns and Sources of Multidecadal Oscillations in Drought-Sensitive Tree-Ring Records from the Central and Southern Rocky Mountains [1]
        Petal Appendages in Bromeliaceae [1]
        Phylogeny, Adaptive Radiation, and Historical Biogeography in Bromeliaceae: Insights from an Eight-Locus Plastid Phylogeny [1]
        Plicate Staminal Filaments in Tillandsia Subgenus Anoplophytum (Bromeliaceae) [1]
        Protein Use and Muscle-Fiber Changes in Free-Ranging, Hibernating Black Bears [1]
        Pseudostellaria Sierrae (Caryophyllaceae), a New Species from California [1]
        Rapid Hydrologic Shifts and Prolonged Droughts in Rocky Mountain Headwaters During the Holocene [1]
        Reclassification of North American Haplopappus (Compositae : Astereae) Complete : Rayjacksonia Gen Nov [1]