• GIS Modeling of the Andean Coastline through the Holocene 

        Author(s):Cheney, Chelsea E.; Cheney, Chelsea E.
        Using Geographic Information Systems (GIS) to model the Andean coastline and reviewing literature to compile Holocene epoch archaeological sites are vital, preliminary steps in beginning research on an overall, interdisciplinary ...
      • Study on the Structural Relationship between Bleomycin Analogs and DNA Hairpins, A 

        Author(s):Murray, Sally A.; Murray, Sally A.
        I became involved with the following research on bleomycin analogs and DNA hairpins, after responding on a whim to a campus-wide email regarding a research position in the chemistry department. It has been roughly four ...
      • College: Making it the Right Choice 

        Author(s):Dunn, Daniel J.; Dunn, Daniel J.
        This research paper is a macroeconomic analysis of the US higher education system with a financial twist to it. It begins by stating the problem with the US higher education system: tuition costs are high, public funding ...
      • Truth or Lies?: Fake News and Political Polarization 

        Author(s):Halsey, Brian; Halsey, Brian
        The phrase "fake news" has widely encapsulated the world following the election of Donald Trump to the office of President of the United States. Media outlets, both conservative and liberal, have come under attack from ...
      • Seasonal Variation in Abundance and Thermal Tolerance of Bumble Bees (Bombus) in Grand Teton National Park 

        Author(s):Dotson, Annika; Dotson, Annika
        Bumble bee (genus Bombus) emergence time is affected by temperature, elevation, and is correlated with flowering time of diverse plants. Critical thermal limits of bumble bees is effected by elevation, latitude, and genetics. ...