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  • Controls on Abrupt Forest Changes in the Snowy Range, Medicine Bow Mountains, Wyoming 

    Author(s):Flaim, Andrew; Flaim, Andrew
    Large-scale forest changes are currently taking place across the western United States as the result of insect outbreaks, fires, and drought, but the long-term consequences of these disturbances remain unknown. Permanent ...
  • Marketing in the Modern World: Tourism After Terrorist Attacks 

    Author(s):Geary, Alison; Geary, Alison
    The travel and tourism industry is one of the world's largest industries with a global economic contribution (direct, indirect, and induced) of over 7.6 trillion U.S. dollars in 2016. The direct economic impact of the ...
  • EWB-WYO Comunidad Maya Water Distribution System Design 

    Author(s):Wilde, Brandon; Blume, Nick; Hayashida, Presleigh; McKenzie, Tristan; Wilde, Brandon; Blume, Nick; Hayashida, Presleigh; McKenzie, Tristan
    For the past five years, the University of Wyoming chapter of Engineers Without Borders (EWB-WYO) has worked with a small community in Guatemala to renovate the town's water distribution system. Comunidad Maya receives its ...
  • Extracted Economies, Extracted Lives: Mining in Bolivia and Mexico 1880-1980 

    Author(s):Schuster, Andrew; Schuster, Andrew
    The mining history of Bolivia and Mexico is tied to one of extractive industry, of the kind which made our modern world, and the complexity of its problems. In this context many of these raw materials are extracted to more ...
  • Malcolm X and Black Lives Matter: How Media Bias, Globalization, and Exigence affect the Messages of Rhetorical Movements 

    Author(s):Heise, Nancy; Heise, Nancy
    In order to provide insight into the effectiveness of messages about racial equality for black Americans, this project utilized Critical Race Theory (CRT) to assess and juxtapose two Malcolm X speeches with rhetoric from ...
  • Bilingual Attitudes towards English-Spanish Code-Switching in Wyoming 

    Author(s):Uribe, Mike; Uribe, Mike
    This study investigates the perceptions and attitudes that bilinguals hold towards Spanish-English code-switching in Wyoming. "Code-switching is the alternation of two languages in a single discourse, sentence or constituent" ...
  • edTPA: The three Keys to a Successful Classroom 

    Author(s):Baker, Katie; Baker, Katie
    My presentation will discuss the three keys to teaching in elementary and secondary classroom settings. From my personal experiences as a student teacher, learning how to teach within the no-risk confines of a college ...
  • Education, Support, and Results for Wyoming Participants in the Citizen CATE (Continental-America Telescopic Eclipse) Experiment 

    Author(s):Miller, Gabriel; Miller, Gabriel
    Throughout the spring and summer of 2017, the Citizen CATE (Continental- America Telescopic Eclipse) Experiment was active in Wyoming and across the contiguous United States, with the goal of achieving an unbroken line of ...
  • Name it, Speak it, Act it 

    Author(s):Kelly, Laura; Kelly, Laura
    This creative project is a dance performance piece I have choreographed to challenge the mindsets surrounding racism and white privilege, specifically the mindsets around these topics in the Rocky Mountain region of the ...
  • Why Give? The Behavioral Economics of Charitable Giving 

    Author(s):Brackett, Samuel; Brackett, Samuel
    Donations are important for the long-term survival of many institutions. However, it is still uncertain exactly why it is that people choose to donate. Behavioral economics combines economics with psychology to better ...
  • Bias,' 'Racism,' and 'Stereotyping' Education in the Middle School Classroom 

    Author(s):Bieganski, Alaenna; Bieganski, Alaenna
    My research will focus on the methods of instruction and assessment for student learning and understanding of "bias," "stereotyping," and "racism." This project will focus on a seventh grade reading classroom at Dean Morgan ...
  • Automation of analysis procedures for the Citizen CATE Experiment Eclipse Data, The 

    Author(s):Jensen, Logan; Pierce, Michael; Jensen, Logan; Pierce, Michael
    The Citizen Continental-America Telescopic Eclipse Experiment deployed 68 volunteer-operated telescope and camera systems across the United States to collect continuous data of the August 2017 solar eclipse. For any one ...
  • Transforming Students Through Geometric Transformations 

    Author(s):Galicia, Sierra; Galicia, Sierra
    It is a common saying among teachers that the hardest grades to teach are middle school. Beginning January 3rd, 2018, I was placed in an eighth-grade mathematics classroom for student teaching with the mindset that I was ...
  • Pricing in the Coffee Industry: An Econometric Model of Prices to Growers 

    Author(s):Belser, Alex; Belser, Alex
    This paper examines the relationship between the price in the global commodity market for coffee and the prices growers receive at farmgate level. A dataset containing pricing information for fifteen producing countries ...
  • Verbal Chess using Computer Vision with the Baxter Research Robot 

    Author(s):Connell, Zephaniah; Desmond, Connor; Cook, Ryan; Connell, Zephaniah; Desmond, Connor; Cook, Ryan
    The Baxter robotic system is an extremely sophisticated piece of machinery, equipped with a myriad of sensors and features. As of yet, very little research has been accomplished utilizing Baxter by students or faculty in ...
  • Cost Analysis for 2017 Wyoming Trichomonas Regulations 

    Author(s):Hanson, Lynnell; Hanson, Lynnell
    This Cost Benefit Analysis is in reference to the new 2017 Wyoming Trichomonas Regulations and addresses the effect these updates have had on samples received at the Wyoming State Veterinary Laboratory in Laramie, Wyoming. ...
  • Vague in Northern Ireland: Examining Perceptions of Victimhood and Lasting Animosities in Northern Ireland 

    Author(s):Todd, Anne; Smithbaker, Madeline; Lewis, Shelby; Todd, Anne; Smithbaker, Madeline; Lewis, Shelby
    In 1998, the violent Troubles in Northern Ireland came to an end with the signing of the Good Friday Agreement. Many in the world would believe that today, Northern Ireland exists in a state of peace. That idea, however, ...
  • Growing Brave: A Feminist Short Story Inspired by Myth, Folklore, and Fairy Tales 

    Author(s):Egghart, Celia; Egghart, Celia
    Fairy tales are often deemed as nothing more than "children's stories" or "old wives' tales." With this ideology, stories that are seen as "childlike" or "feminine" are somehow labeled as unimportant or silly. However, ...
  • Refugee Resettlement in Wyoming: A How-to Guide 

    Author(s):Selting, Gabriel; Selting, Gabriel
    Amid a global refugee crisis defined by the highest levels of displaced persons on record, Wyoming is the single state in the U.S. without a Refugee Resettlement Program (RRP). Wyoming "exceptionalism" in this regard is ...
  • Behavioral Inhibition and Posttrauma Symptomatology: Moderating Effects of Safety Behaviors and Biological Sex 

    Author(s):McClure, Kenneth; McClure, Kenneth
    Behavioral inhibition – a temperamental tendency characterized by general sensitivity to negative outcomes – is a trait-level factor thought to contribute to maintenance of posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Anxiety-related ...

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