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  • Algebra, Calculus, and the ACT 

    Contributor:Krysl, Alex S.
    It is a common saying that "the hardest part of calculus is the algebra". Unfortunately, I found that many students lack the necessary, prerequisite algebra skills and knowledge in order to utilize completely the novel ...
  • Lignin to Adipic Acid 

    Contributor:Quick, Kristina M.; Cabrera, Jose; McAliney, Amanda; Ramseier, Holly; Rockwood, Sedona
    Lignin, a heterogeneous mixture made up of aromatic polymers, is a major co-product produced from second generation cellulosic ethanol plants. Currently lignin is being burned as a low energy fuel; however, since the number ...
  • Procalcitonin Levels; an Alternative Diagnostic Approach for Community Acquired Pneumonia in Acute Care Settings and Determination of Antibiotic Therapy 

    Contributor:Rhodine, Jamie Anne
    Procalcitonin (PCT) levels are an accurate reflection of bacterial replication within the human body. By deciphering between bacterial and viral invasion, antibiotic therapy will be reduced contributing to the reduction ...
  • Microgravity Testing Platform-Aerodynamics Team 

    Contributor:Giffin, Barbara; Ellis, Cameron; Marcum, Chris; Kerbs, Daniel
    As a whole, the project seeks to develop a low-cost method for creating a high-quality microgravity environment. Comparison of different aerodynamic body designs, feasibility of passive boundary layer methods, and ...
  • New Era of Genome Modification, A 

    Contributor:Hampton, Lizabeth R.
    Four decades ago, the advent of technology that could be applied to genetic engineering stimulated the hope that one day we would be able to 'fix' genetic disorders or inhibit cancer growth by replacing defective genes or ...
  • Miscommunications Between Nutritional Scientists and Mainstream Media with Regard to Acai Berry (Euterpe Oleracea), The 

    Contributor:Hanekamp, Rudi L.
    This review of the miscommunication between the media and scientific nutritional researchers focused on the marketing of the acai berry (Euterpe Oleracea). Through comparing news stories from mainstream media outlets such ...
  • Limiting Effect of Cytoplasmic Volume on Microtubule Dynamics, The 

    Contributor:Zumo, Jacob
    Mitotic spindles play a key role in cellular division. These structures, which are composed of dynamic filaments called microtubules, are responsible for separation and segregation of chromosomes during mitosis. Spindles ...
  • Music : A Key for Unlocking Locked-in Syndrome and Improving the Quality of Life for Those with Neurodegenerative Diseases 

    Contributor:Hanekamp, Heidi
    Neurodegenerative diseases involve the gradual loss of neuronal functioning over time; such diseases include Alzheimer's disease (AD), Parkinson's disease (PD), amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), and Huntington's disease. ...
  • State of Coal in Wyoming, The 

    Contributor:Smith, Sidney A.
    Coal has been part of Wyoming's economy since the late 1800s and continues to have a major influence on the state. Since mining began, trends of rising and falling prices for coal have created economic instability. Currently, ...
  • ESL In and Out of the Classroom 

    Contributor:Hanewald, Paige
    Some people are able to look at language in its entirety, seeing all of its facets—the multiple versions of ourselves expressed in different discourses. Some see it as a tool in communication while, unfortunately, others ...
  • Ion-Ion Dual-Electrospray Chemistry 

    Contributor:Schriber, Tyler D.
    The research that I have performed since the Spring 2016 semester is based on a study done by Cotham et al. in 2015, where front-end sprayers are used to mix solutions before they enter a mass spectrometer. One of these ...
  • Attitudes Towards Autism in Healthcare and in Society 

    Contributor:Peters, Madeline G.
    Autism did not make its way, as its own diagnosis, into the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (DSM) until the third edition in 1980 (Davis 461). In 2014, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reported that ...
  • Implications and Effectiveness of Half-time Pay for Salaried Employee Overtime 

    Contributor:Shellenberger, Dillon T.
    Half-time pay is an option for salaried employees to receive as an overtime benefit. Based on a fluctuating workweek schedule, employees with varying hours can be compensated for additional hours worked over 40, through ...
  • Applying Change Theory when making Kombucha at the Albany County Downtown Clinic 

    Contributor:Zarzycka, Aleksandra S.; Watson, Rachel
    As a student of the Microbiology Senior Capstone class last semester, we learned how to propose, preform, and present a scientific research study to address a real problem within the Laramie community. My group partnered ...
  • Explorations into Monomer-Dimer Tilings of Planar Regions 

    Contributor:Hall, Zachary
    The properties of monomer-dimer tilings of planar regions has been a focused area of study in the mathematical community for many years. Applications include areas such as diatomic molecular bonding and ice-formation. As ...
  • Exploration in Troubled Youth : Student Teaching in a Tier-II Intervention, An 

    Contributor:Frame, Bria
    I spent my spring semester of my senior year developing and implementing a School within a School setting for at-risk and struggling learners. These students needed more interaction, focus, and effort than I was originally ...
  • Synaptic Plasticity During Learning 

    Contributor:Horn, Dustin J.
    Memories are formed and stored inside of neural circuits. Synaptic plasticity is the sum of chemical changes occurring within neurons that affect their ability to communicate with one another. This process includes short ...
  • Clinical Correlates of Health Literacy in People with Serious Mental Illness 

    Contributor:Cooley, Kadi L.
    People with serious mental illness (SMI) experience health disparities (De Hert et al., 2011). Low health literacy could be an important factor for health outcomes in the SMI population (Krishan, von Esenwein, & Druss, ...
  • Historical and Osteological Examination of Torture, A 

    Contributor:Traczek, Deanna Noelle
    Medical proof of torture is often difficult to obtain; especially when certain torture methods are designed not to leave a mark. With that being said, when skeletal remains are discovered from an area historically known ...
  • Mysterious Symbols in the North : An Analysis of Scotland's Pictish Symbol Stones 

    Contributor:Tray, Leah M.
    During the Roman occupation and conquest of regions that today form England and Scotland, Roman generals and historians wrote of the people they found living in these frozen regions of the world. The Romans referred to ...

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