• Why do Breakups "Hurt?" 

        Author(s):Bloodgood, Molly A. S.
        A common phrase surrounding relationships is a "painful breakup." From an outside perspective, it doesn't seem these people are experiencing a physical pain stimulus, but few people would disagree with the description of ...
      • Structural Design for a Low Rise Office Building 

        Author(s):Halverson, Shane
        The overall goal of this project was to obtain a thorough understanding of structural system design and construction. This was accomplished by studying the four phases a structural project goes through; schematic design, ...
      • Retrospective on the Trump Candidacy, A 

        Author(s):Collins, Hunter
        Donald Trump's candidacy along with his ascendance to the top of the Republican primary field is one of the most remarkable events to have occurred in modern American politics. For many current students this is the most ...