• Re-Examining the Historiography of the 1848-49 Revolutions in German Speaking Europe 

        Author(s):Derner, Aaron T.
        Historians writing on the 1848 German Revolutions follow fairly clear generational patterns with each generation adhering to distinctive manners of analysis and presentation. This stratification is the result of both the ...
      • Automatic Aromatic 

        Author(s):Ruskowsky, Gabrianna; Wilkison, Brady; Weishaar, Jonathan; Ward, Tess
        Methanol is a compound containing one carbon, three hydrogens, and one hydroxyl-group, or an oxygen-hydrogen group. Due to the single carbon, also known as the methyl-group, methanol can be used to build up other, larger ...
      • Assessment of Commercial Development in Laramie, Wyoming 

        Author(s):Christensen, Mark T.
        Economic development is essential to the welfare and longevity of communities across the United States. Commercial and business developments promote thriving, prosperous municipalities. Laramie, Wyoming is no exception to ...